Amy Klobuchar | U.S. Senator [D-MN]

Amy Klobuchar speaking at the 2019 Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame Celebration. Amy Klobuchar speaking at the 2019 Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame Celebration. By: Lorie Shaull

Amy Klobuchar Contact & Bio Information

Amy Klobuchar
Born 05/25/1960 (Age 59)
Phone Number: 202-224-3244
Official Website:

Amy Klobuchar Congress Details

Years in Congress: 01/03/2007 - Present
Committees On: Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry, Commerce, Science & Transportation, Judiciary, Rules & Administration & Joint Economic Committee

Amy Klobuchar History

U.S. Senator from Minnesota (01/03/2007 - Present)
College Attended: Chicago ('85) & Yale ('82)
Degrees Earned: J.D. (Law) Law (85) & Bachelors Degree Political Science (82)
Prior Occupations: Lawyer
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Previous Amy Klobuchar Debates
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Amy Klobuchar Videos of Speaking Engagements
3rd Democratic Debate
The third Democratic debate in Houston brought the top ten candidates in the Democratic field onto the same stage for the first time and there was no shortage of lively discussion among the group. The top three candidates - Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders - stuck largely to their typical script, with neither of them delivering any major blows, to the likely relief of Joe Biden. The remaining seven candidates received ample time to deliver their message and answer questions from the moderators, but none appeared to deliver a breakout performance that would shake the top of the field up.
Amy Klobuchar State of the Union Interview
Amy Klobuchar spoke with Jake Tapper on CNN's "State of the Union" where she reacted to Donald Trump's decision to cancel a secret Camp David meeting with the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan. The Senator lamented how Trump has handled the talks, saying that "foreign policy isn't a game show." Klobuchar also talked about the scourge of mass shootings in the United States, saying she supports an assault weapons ban and a voluntary gun buyback program.
Amy Klobuchar Meet The Press Interview
Amy Klobuchar spoke with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press about life on the campaign trail and why she believes that she's "stronger" than all the other candidates running. She also chastised Donald Trump for telling "over 10,000 lies" to the American people, saying that one of the most important qualities a President needs to have is the ability to be honest with the American people.
Amy Klobuchar The Last Word Interview
Amy Klobuchar sat down with Lawrence O'Donnell on "The Last Word" to discuss her 2020 campaign and to express her dismay at Senator Mitch McConnell over his refusal to bring any gun legislation to the Senate floor in the wake of now weekly mass shootings throughout the country. She also discussed why she believes that Trump's trade war with China should be one of the top issues in the Democratic Primary because it is something that directly affects every single American.
Amy Klobuchar Speech at House Party in Nashua, New Hampshire
Amy Klobuchar spoke to attendees at a house party in Nashua, New Hampshire where she discussed her campaign for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020. Klobuchar discussed why she believes she is uniquely suited to take on Donald Trump in the general election and asked supporters to spread the word about her campaign.
Amy Klobuchar Face the Nation Interview
Amy Klobuchar sat down with Margaret Brennan of "Face the Nation" to discuss the Trump administration's tariffs on China and the ever escalating trade war with the world's second largest economy. Klobuchar was highly critical of Trump's tactics and expressed worry that he will only make things worse. She went on to criticize Trump for using tariffs "like a meat cleaver."
Amy Klobuchar Fox News Sunday Interview
Amy Klobuchar sat down with Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday' to discuss her Presidential campaign and why she thinks she is uniquely suited to win the Democratic nomination in 2020. Klobuchar spent much of the interview chastising Donald Trump over how he conducts himself as President, great leaders "make decisions not just for this generation but for seven generations from now” before saying that Trump “can’t even keep his decisions seven minutes from now.”
Amy Klobuchar Post Debate Interview Morning Joe
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar, joined Morning Joe, following the first night of the second Democratic Debate. She talked about what it was to not over-promise, and win back President Donald Trump's voters. She also talked about Sen. Mitch McConnell, and his blocking of an election security bill.
2nd Democratic Debate (1/2)
Night one of the second Democratic debate in Detroit featured two popular progressive candidates speaking the most, Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren, engaging in debates with more moderate candidates on topics including health care, immigration reform & college education. Tim Ryan and John Delaney were the most outspoken in support of more moderate positions providing a contrast while Pete Buttigieg with the 3rd most speaking time focused his criticism on Republicans. Steve Bullock made his first appearance and also defended more moderate positions.
1st Democratic Debate (1/2)
The first Democratic debate of the 2020 election cycle featured the first ten of twenty candidates who qualified to participate. There were plenty of minor disagreements between the candidates, particularly on immigration, healthcare policy, and Donald Trump. Some notable moments are when Senator Warren publicly called for the elimination of private health insurance (a first for her), Julian Castro's passionate plea for a more inclusive immigration law, and a number of candidates answering questions in Spanish instead of English in a bid to appeal to Hispanic voters.
Amy Klobuchar Chris Mathews Interview
Senator. Amy Klobuchar joined Chris Matthews to discuss her policy proposals for reproductive rights, and her confrontation about them with Governor Jay Inslee on the night of the first debate. She recalled how there were the women on the stage who had done something about it as well.
Amy Klobuchar Seth Meyers Interview
Senator. Amy Klobuchar talked with Seth Meyers about running against her work colleagues. The interview also covered the elements that are needed for the impeachment of a president of the United States, as well as her plans to repair America’s Infrastructure.
Amy Klobuchar Jimmy Kimmel Interview
Senator Amy Klobuchar sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to explain why she was running for president of the United States. She went on later to recall sitting with John McCain during President Donald Trump's inauguration. She touched on health care in America, and later Jimmy gave her some new slogan ideas for her campaign.
Amy Klobuchar Interview with The View
2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar did an interview with the hosts of The View. In it, she expressed her concerns about the risk of Roe v. Wade being overturned by recent laws passed in Alabama. She also responded to allegations that she mistreated her staff, by saying when you have a high powered job, “you can't be likable in every moment.”
Amy Klobuchar Fox News Town Hall Milwaukee, WI
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn, discussed her 2020 Presidential campaign at a Fox News town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She talked about her reputation as having more moderate views and how that would help her stand out in the field of Democrat hopefuls. When asked why progressives should support her campaign, she said she was a "proven progressive."
Amy Klobuchar Interview With Andrea Mitchell
Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar sat down for an interview with Andrea Mitchell of Meet the Press. It was her first major broadcast interview since declaring her candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
Amy Klobuchar  Interview With Rachel Maddow
2020 democratic candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar talked with Rachel Maddow about the setting of her 2020 presidential campaign announcement on the Mississippi River, in a snowstorm. They also discussed the local parallels along with national priorities, as well as Democratic candidates in the Midwest, and the energy she sees for them. She also discussed with Maddow how she won ever congressional district, including Michele Bachmann's.
Amy Klobuchar Good Morning America Interview
The Minnesota senator, Amy Klobuchar opened up about her 2020 presidential campaign, as well as discussed its goals. She talked about what she brought to the race that no other candidate did. She joked at first, and said "snow." Then went on to say she brought a background of growing up in the Heartland.