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 Andrew Yang speaking at a bookstore in Manchester, New Hampshire. Andrew Yang speaking at a bookstore in Manchester, New Hampshire.By: Marc Nozell
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Andrew Yang Iowa State Fair Speech
Andrew Yang delivered a campaign speech at the Iowa State Fair's "Political Soapbox" where he discussed his vision for America and why he feels he is uniquely suited for the Presidency. Yang notably called for tax day to be a national holiday, saying "I would turn Tax Day into revenue day. I would make it a national holiday and we would celebrate the fact that we had another awesome year, hundreds of billions in new revenue, and we’d have a party and we’d have it a national party.”
Andrew Yang's Speech at the Iowa Democrat's Hall of Fame
Entrepreneur and 2020 Presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang spoke at the Iowa Democrat's Hall of Fame. He used his 5 minutes to discuss his universal basic income idea, in which the government would give adult citizens $1,000 every month. He backed it up with the argument that technology will displace workers, and economic support such as universal basic income is what the country needs.
Andrew Yang Presidential Campaign Announcement
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Yang announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020 in a video posted to YouTube. Yang is an advocate for something he calls the "Freedom Dividend," which would be a form of universal basic income for all eligible people residing in the United States.