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Mark Kelly Victory Speech | 2020 Senate Election
Mark Kelly delivered claimed victory in his Senate election against incumbent Senator Martha McSally. Multiple news organizations called the race for Kelly, but McSally never conceded. Kelly promised during his speech that he will be a Senator for all residents of Arizona and will work to bridge the political divide in the country, saying his "top priority is making sure we have a plan to slow the spread of this virus, and then getting Arizona the resources our state needs right now.”
2020 Arizona Senate Debate
Former NASA Astronaut and Democratic Senate nominee Mark Kelly faced off against Republican Senator Martha McSally at their first and only debate in Phoenix. McSally started off the debate by questioning Mr. Kelly's patriotism, which prompted Kelly to lament that this isn't the first time she has questioned her opponents patriotism. Kelly also strongly criticized McSally for not doing enough to stymie the growing crises gripping the nation, saying of McSally's and the Trump Administrations response “Senator, you understand this as a pilot: you guys did step one of the emergency procedure, and then you didn’t do anything else.”
Gabrielle Giffords 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Former Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, describing what her long road to recovery after being shot in the head back in 2010 has been like and why she continues to be a strong advocate for sensible gun reform. Giffords continued, "[W]e can be on the right side of history. We must elect Joe Biden. He was there for me; he'll be there for you, too."
Doug Ducey Coronavirus Press Conference
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey held a press conference alongside state health officials in Phoenix, Arizona. He told the public that the state was looking at the COVID-19 crisis through two lenses. He talked about the state's efforts to protect the public by providing Arizonians with essential healthcare, and testing. He also announced a partnership with the Be Strong Initiative which would supply the state with M-95 masks.
Mike Bloomberg Campaign Rally in Phoenix, Arizona
Mike Bloomberg delivered remarks at Rosita's Place restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona where he discussed his candidacy for President, specifically why he thinks that he is the person that can take on Donald Trump in 2020. Bloomberg stressed that Democrats need to focus on states like Arizona and other states that have traditionally voted for Republicans, but are turning more "purple."
Julian Castro Fox News Town Hall With Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum
Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Julian Castro discussed his Presidential candidacy during a town hall in Tempe, Arizona that was hosted by Fox News. During the town hall, Mr. Castro fielded questions from the crowd on a range of topics from his opinions on President Trump to his proposals on how to manage the economy in the 21st Century.