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Bernie Sanders being interviewed by Latin Grammy Award Winner Calle 13.Bernie Sanders being interviewed by Latin Grammy Award Winner Calle 13.By: Unknown
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Bernie Sanders MSNBC Interview on Coronavirus Stimulus Package
Chris Hayes interviews Bernie Sanders from Washington DC about the COVID-19 economic stimulus package set to pass in Congress. Sanders argues Republicans are trying to give too much money to big businesses without any checks on how they spend it and that Congress has to act quickly and boldly to combat potential unemployment numbers that could reach 20-30% in the coming months.
Bernie Sanders The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down with Late Show host Stephen Colbert for another interview about his Presidential campaign and where he sees the race weeks before the first caucuses and primaries are held. Sanders was asked what is different about this primary compared to 2016 and he said the biggest difference is his increased focus on global climate change. He was also asked about Trump's burgeoning conflict with Iran and Sanders responded that he would do everything he can to prevent war with Iran.
Bernie Sanders “What Matters
Bernie Sanders spoke with NBC's Harry Smith on their recurring series called "What Matters" that focuses on the issues that matter to the average voter in the 2020 election. This interview focused on the opioid crisis that is ravaging large swaths of the United States, especially in manufacturing towns that have been hit hard by globalization and a changing world.
Bernie Sanders J Street Conference Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down with Pod Save the World co-hosts Tommy Vietor and Ben Rhodes at the 2019 J Street Conference where they discussed the Israel-Palestinian conflict and what Sanders thinks can be done to finally bring peace to that part of the world. Sanders proposed giving a portion of the billions of dollars in military aid we give to Israel to Gaza instead. Bernie claimed "it is a lot of money, and we cannot give it carte blanche to the Israeli government, or for that matter to any government at all. We have a right to demand respect for human rights and democracy.”
Bernie Sanders The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show shortly after House Democrats formally opened an impeachment investigation into Donald Trump. The two discussed the explosive development and Sanders reminded the host and the audience that he's been calling for Trump to be impeached for months because he's "the most corrupt president of the modern era." Sanders also said the investigation must "move quickly" so Trump doesn't have a chance to create his own narrative of the investigation.
Bernie Sanders Rolling Stone Interview
Bernie Sanders phoned in for an interview with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper to discuss the third Democratic debate and what he sees as the "huge difference" between himself and front runner Joe Biden, which Sanders says is the difference between their voting records in the Senate, which Sanders says was pro corporation and against the middle-class. The also discussed a host of other topics ranging from Medicare-for-All, free college education, and tax breaks for the middle and lower classes.
Bernie Sanders The View Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down with the ladies of "The View" to discuss his Presidential campaign and where he thinks the race is at a few months before Iowa voters head to their caucus sites. Sanders got in a heated disagreement with Meghan McCain after she challenged him to name a Republican Senator that he can work with and he responded that he used to love working with her late father and still enjoys a working relationship with retiring Senator Johnny Isaacson. When she retorted that "they're dead" he reminded her that "Johnny is not dead."
Bernie Sanders Killer Mike Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down with rapper Killer Mike in Atlanta to talk about his 2020 presidential candidacy, racial injustice, health care, student debt, and white supremacy, to name a few. Sanders was highly critical of Donald Trump, saying "It's not just Trump and his policies. It's what he thinks, because he thinks human life is -- you rob, you steal, you cheat, you step on people -- and you make a billion dollars. You're talking about a very, very different subset, right? We don't have to step over people sleeping on the sidewalk, our kids going to college education, that is what we are showing them."
Bernie Sanders Hill.TV Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down with Krystal Ball of Hill.TV for an interview to discuss his 2020 Presidential campaign. Sanders touched on a wide range of topics. In the international relations front, Sanders surprisingly said that China has done more than "any other country in the world" in addressing extreme poverty while still criticizing them for moving in an ever increasingly authoritarian direction. Sanders also went after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for running a "do nothing body" that is more beholden to big business than doing the work of the people who elected them.
Bernie Sanders Face the Nation Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down for an interview with Margaret Brennan of CBS's "Face the Nation" to discuss his 2020 Presidential bid. Sanders spent much of the interview discussing recent mass shootings in the United States and his desire to enact legislation that will make it harder for people to get their hands on weapons that can kill dozens of people in seconds. Sanders also accused Donald Trump of creating a "climate of hate," but admitted that he doesn't believe Trump wants "to see people mowed down."
Bernie Sanders Washington Post Live Interview
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down with Robert Costa of The Washington Post to discuss his 2020 Presidential campaign. Senator Sanders was asked about an array of his policy proposals, what is different about his campaign compared to 2016, and why he feels he is uniquely qualified to challenge Donald Trump in the general election.
Bernie Sanders Good Morning America Interview
Senator Bernie Sanders sat down for an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" to discuss his 2020 candidacy for President and the various proposals he has put forward. During the interview, Sen. Sanders took issue with those in the media who question his "likability" and said that he thinks the media "goes overboard on that and does not pay enough attention to what you are trying to do to transform the country."
Bernie Sanders Post Debate Interview
2020 Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders spoke with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and then a panel of reporters, fielding questions directly after his first performance in the first Democratic debate. Sanders spoke about the debate in general and specifically about candidate Eric Swalwell's comments of 'passing the torch'.
Bernie Sanders Al Sharpton Interview
Al Sharpton sat down with, 2020 democratic presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, just moments after the presidential hopeful gave a speech at the South Carolina Democratic Convention. Senator Sanders covered the issue of racial disparities in income in the United States, as well as police brutality.
Bernie Sanders Post South Carolina Democratic Convention Interview
Senator Bernie Sanders took some time for an impromptu interview with MSNBC, following his speech at the South Carolina Democratic Convention. During the interview, he reacted to President Donald Trump's announced delay of mass immigration raids.
Bernie Sanders Velshi & Rule Interview
Vermont Senator and 2020 contender, Senator Bernie Sanders talked with Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi. He shared his stance on escalations with Iran that were occurring at the time. He also commented on how Russia is reacted, as well as told the hosts that "a war with Iran would be an absolute disaster."
Bernie Sanders Fox News Sunday Interview
Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders sat down for an interview with Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday' to discuss his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020 and to take his case for a "political revolution" to an audience that largely supports President Donald Trump. Sanders spent much of the interview talking about his grievances with the "1 percent" who have done exceptionally well while many in the lower classes have struggled to get by.
Bernie Sanders Meet The Press Interview
2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders gave an exclusive interview with Meet the Press. Senator Sanders talked with Chuck Todd about the platform of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. In it he said "We're Going To Try To Transform The United States Of America."
Bernie Sanders Velshi & Ruhle Interview
Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi of MSNBC's 'Velshi & Ruhle' interviewed Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders remotely, to discuss his legislation proposal on capping the amount of interest credit cards and payday loans can charge. They also discussed the idea of allowing a majority of Americans to do most of their banking at post offices.
Bernie Sanders' Interview with Face the Nation
Senator Bernie Sanders of I-Vermont, was interviewed by moderator Margaret Brennan to discuss his 2020 campaign for president. He touched on the need to fundamentally change the culture of the nation, and to create environments where women feel comfortable and safe. He said this in the wake of accusations made against former vice president Joe Biden of inappropriate touching. He also discussed his platform issues such as the end of Obama Care.
Bernie Sanders Seth Meyers Interview
Senator Bernie Sanders told Seth Meyers why Americans will vote for left-wing politics, and that he didn't think his ideas would drive American voters to President Donald Trump. He also talked about his efforts to create a more diverse coalition in his campaign.
Bernie Sanders The View Interview
Vermont senator, and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, had a chat with the hostesses of The View. He compared his 2016 campaign to that of his 2020 campaign. He also talked about how he would run his new campaign differently.
Bernie Sanders Interview With Chris Hayes
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sat down for an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes where he discussed his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020. Sanders said he believes the issues he campaigned on in 2016 are now part of the Democratic mainstream and that he is the right candidate to take on President Trump in the general election.