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Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Columbia, South Carolina
Bernie Sanders held a "Community Conversation" with an audience in Columbia, South Carolina where he discussed his candidacy for President in 2020. Sanders stuck to his bread and butter issues of income inequality, universal healthcare, and overhauling the tax code to work better for middle and lower-class Americans.
Bernie Sanders Immigration Town Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada
Bernie Sanders held a town hall in Las Vegas, Nevada that focused on immigration and his proposals to have a more compassionate and welcoming immigration policy compared to the current policy being conducted by the Trump Administration. Sanders to do "the exact opposite" of what Trump and his Administration is doing when it comes to immigration.
Bernie Sanders Veterans Day Town Hall in Des Moines, Iowa
Bernie Sanders participated in a Veterans Day town hall Des Moines, Iowa where he fielded questions from veterans and senior citizens for ninety minutes. Sanders was asked about his proposals meant to help veterans and spent a lot of time explaining why he thought he was best suited to be the Democratic candidate in the 2020 election.
Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Nashua, New Hampshire
Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall and ice cream social at Nashua Community College in Nashua, New Hampshire. Sanders took questions from the audience and stuck with his bread and butter issues of expanding social services for the entire country and making the tax system more fair for the common person.
Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Claremont, New Hampshire
Bernie Sanders participated in a town hall in Claremont, New Hampshire where he discussed his plans to pass universal health care, cancel student debt, and raise the minimum wage to a living wage. Sanders angrily asked how "[H]ow in God's name does anybody live on seven and a quarter, or eight, or nine, or 10 bucks an hour, can't be done." He also dared Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to put his legislation requiring a $15 minimum wage on the Senate floor, predicting it would overwhelmingly pass if he did.
Bernie Sanders Four Directions Native American Forum
Bernie Sanders participated in a forum hosted by the Native American group "Four Directions" where he spoke about the shameful way the United States treated the Native Americans throughout our history and promised that if he were elected President he would work to "protect their treaties and sovereign rights, and improve the quality of life for Native communities."
Bernie Sanders LULAC Town Hall
The League of United Latin American Citizens hosted a town hall that featured four Democrats vying for the 2020 Presidential nomination. The four candidates were Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former U.S. Housing Secretary Julian Castro and former Texas Rep. Beto O' Rourke.
Bernie Sanders Town Hall at Clinton College in Rock Hill, South Carolina
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders held a town hall event at Clinton College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Sanders spent the time answering questions from the crowd on issues ranging from the wealth gap to his proposals to tax the wealthy more and to provide free college and healthcare to all Americans.
Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Waterloo, Iowa
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at a town hall meeting in Waterloo, Iowa about his bid for the 2020 presidential campaign on the Democratic ticket. He focused on talking about issues about working people in Iowa and in the country in general, as well his vision to build a government that works for all the people, not just a select few.
Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Marshalltown, Iowa
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at a town hall meeting in Marshalltown, Iowa as part of his campaign to run for the Democratic nomination to become the President of the United States in 2020. Bernie took several questions from the audience and allowed them to voice their opinions, life stories and concerns about the current way government runs and how best to fix it.
Bernie Sanders CNN Town Hall in Manchester, New Hampshire
2020 Democratic candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders participated in a CNN hosted town hall meeting at Saint Anslem College in Manchester, New Hampshire, along with four other presidential hopefuls. The event was co-hosted by Harvard's Institute of Politics. Sanders answered questions from moderator Chris Cuomo as well as from many of the Harvard college students in attendance.
Bernie Sanders Fox News Town Hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Senator Bernie Sanders participated in a Fox News hosted town hall meeting with moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to discuss his 2020 presidential campaign. Sanders answered questions from the moderators and audience about his tax returns, his views on democratic socialism, healthcare and the Democratic Party in general.
Bernie Sanders CNN Town Hall in Washington D.C.
Presidential candidate, and Senator, Bernie Sanders explained during a CNN town hall programs he'd like to implement if he were elected president. Programs of which were criticized by President Trump as being socialism. He touched on why he thought Democratic socialism is preferable to capitalism.