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Bill de Blasio being interviewed by three reporters.Bill de Blasio being interviewed by three reporters.By: Unknown
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Bill de Blasio CNN Interview on Hospital Supply Shortage for Coronavirus Patients
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went on CNN's 'New Day' and told host John Berman that New York City is extremely close to reaching its capacity on hospitals supplies due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Blasio said he fears the 11 public hospitals in New York City are just a week or even days away from running out of needed supplies and equipment and without help people won't be saved who could have been saved. He said they need hundreds of ventilators and hundreds of thousands or millions of masks.
Bill De Blasio Goes Over New York's
New York Mayor Bill De Blasio goes over the current guidelines and restrictions put in place in New York and what may come in the following days or weeks. He also speaks on how people are abiding by the new restrictions and public health orders in the city. De Blasio then details what the new shelter in place guidelines look like currently, and how they will be implimented in the future until the city's coronavirus infections rate declines.
Bill De Blasio Speaks on the Federal Government and Coronavirus
New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio spoke with MSNBC regarding the substantial lack of medical supplies for New York City hospitals and other medical facilities during the outbreak of coronavirus. Mayor De Blasio goes over the lack of masks, ventilators and other necessaties they are lacking, as well as the number of infections and deaths so far in the city. He says that the federal government is not doing enough at the moment and calls for further action to be taken to help the people.
Bill de Blasio The Daily Show Interview
New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio sat down for an interview with Trevor Noah of "The Daily Show" to discusses his bid for the Democratic nomination for President and programs he would like to enact were he elected President. De Blasio discussed his desire to restructure the education system to create equal opportunities for children of all demographic backgrounds and why he thinks it's time to reform the police system in the United States, among a number of other topics.
Bill de Blasio Sean Hannity Interview
Bill de Blasio sat down for a lengthy and combative interview with Sean Hannity where the two discussed a number of issues, often speaking over each other and not allowing the other to finish their statements. Their debate covered everything from police involved shootings to what children should be eating for school lunch. The Washington Post reported that the two interrupted each other at least 129 times during their 41 minute debate, making it a ratings bonanza high on theatrics and low on substance.
Bill de Blasio Politico Interview
Bill de Blasio spoke with reporters from POLITICO Monday to discuss his 2020 Presidential campaign. The Mayor touched on a number of topics, notably saying he now believes that Senator Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald Trump in 2016 if he were the Democratic nominee. De Blasio also refused to answer whether he will remain in the race if he doesn't meet the threshold to participate in the next Democratic debate in early September.
Bill De Blasio Post Debate Interview With Chris Matthews
Democratic candidate and New York Mayor, Bill De Blasio talked to MSNBC's Chris Matthews about his campaign platform. He remarked about his debate opener by saying "I talked about taxing the hell out of the wealthy. Here's the thing: That's going to move people in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania."
Bill de Blasio Morning Joe Interview
2020 Democratic candidate, Mayor Bill de Blasio sat down with Morning Joe to discuss the first night of debates, his campaign platforms, and his overall vision for health care. In reference to his own party, he talked about why he thinks Democrats need an identity as a party.
Bill De Blasio Chris Mathews Interview
2020 Democratic presidential Candidate, and New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio talked with Chris Matthews from the spin room, giving his thoughts on his debate performance. he said "I started out as an underdog and I worked my way to center stage,"
Bill De Blasio Hardball Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke with Chris Mathews on Hardball. He talked about dealing with the helicopter crash in New York City, saying that "when your chief executive of the nation's biggest city, and a lot people call this job the second toughest job in America, yeah there's a lot to take care of." He explained his campaign platform, and going around the country telling them they've put working people first in New York.
Bill de Blasio Morning Joe Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio talked with hosts of Good Morning America about President Donald Trump's opinion of him, as well as the tabloid coverage of his announcement of candidacy. Bill de Blasio said that "Trump has conned everyone."
Bill de Blasio Good Morning America Interview
2020 Democratic candidate, and New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio was interviewed by Good Morning America. He talked about what he hoped to accomplish as he joined nineteen other candidates who were seeking the Democratic nomination.