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Chris Coons
Born 09/09/1963 (Age 57)
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DC Phone Number: 202-224-5042
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Years in Congress: 11/15/2010 - Present

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U.S. Senator from Delaware (11/15/2010 - Present)
Local Official in Delaware (01/04/2005 - 11/15/2010)
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Chris Coons 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Delaware Senator Chris Coons spoke during the final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention to advocate for his friend and mentor Joe Biden. Mr. Coons opened up about his friendship with Vice President Biden and how he has always strove to do what is right for the country. He also spoke about Mr. Biden's faith and how people of faith in this country have "long led change" throughout our short history.
Chris Coons 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Senator Chris Coons of Delaware nominated former Vice President Joe Biden for president at the 2020 Democratic National Convention during the official Roll Call vote.