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Chuck Schumer Inaugural Speech as Senate Majority Leader
Senator Chuck Schumer spoke for the first time in his new role as the Majority Leader shortly after two Democratic Senators from Georgia who officially handed Democrats control of the chamber were sworn in and President Biden took his oath of office on the Capitol grounds. Leader Schumer expressed optimism about the future and promised that the newly minted Democratic majority will work tirelessly to tackle big issues like "racial justice, economic justice, equality of opportunity and equality under the law," while also confronting head on the challenges of a rapidly changing climate that impacts the entire world.
Chuck Schumer 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer delivered a speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in which he called for not only Vice President Joe Biden to be elected President, but for the American people to vote to give Senate Democrats a majority for the first time since 2014. Mr. Schumer reminded the American people that a Republican led Senate would be able to block many Joe Biden's priorities should he be elected but not have a Senate majority to help him enact his priorities into law.
Chuck Schumer Speech on Senate Floor Day After House Impeached President Trump
Senate Minority Chuck Schumer spoke on the Senate floor one day after the House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. Schumer rebuffed Majority Leader McConnell's criticisms of the process and instead accused the Majority Leader of "plotting the most rushed, least thorough, and most unfair impeachment trial in modern history."