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Joe Biden 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Joe Biden gave the best speech of his life according to many receiving praise from pundits on the right and the left. He talked about Covid-19 and the hardships families face because of it and his plans to combat it as President.He also talked about protecting social security and medicare and improving childcare and eldercare.
Chris Coons 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Delaware Senator Chris Coons spoke during the final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention to advocate for his friend and mentor Joe Biden. Mr. Coons opened up about his friendship with Vice President Biden and how he has always strove to do what is right for the country. He also spoke about Mr. Biden's faith and how people of faith in this country have "long led change" throughout our short history.
Kamala Harris 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Senator Kamala Harris delivered her 2020 Democratic National Convention speech in which she accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President. She is the first Black woman to be a major party's Vice Presidential nominee. Harris spent parts of her speech introducing herself to the American people and other parts going after President Trump and his Administration, going so far as to say "I know a predator when I see one."
Jill Biden 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Dr. Jill Biden delivered the main speech of the second night of the Democratic National Convention in which she gave a heartwarming speech opening up about her family and her husband, former Vice President and Democratic nominee for President in 2020, Joe Biden. In her most memorable line of the night, Mrs. Biden asked “[H]ow do you make a broken family whole? The same way you make a nation whole,” she said. “With love and understanding and with small acts of kindness, with bravery, with unwavering faith.”
Lisa Blunt Rochester 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester seconded the nomination of former Vice President Joe Biden for president at the 2020 Democratic National Convention during the official Roll Call vote.
Chris Coons 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Senator Chris Coons of Delaware nominated former Vice President Joe Biden for president at the 2020 Democratic National Convention during the official Roll Call vote.
Joe Biden Speech on Combating Systemic Racism
Former vice president Joe Biden delivered a speech in Wilmington, Delaware in which he spoke on combating systemic racism in the United States and to offer a policy proposal aimed at addressing it. Biden's plan called for the Federal Reserve to focus on addressing severe economic gaps between whites and minorities in the country, a major investment in Black-owned businesses, and access to affordable housing for minorities, among other things.
Joe Biden Speech to Supporters Announcing Bernie Sanders Endorsement
Senator Bernie Sanders joined presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden to announce his endorsement of the former Vice President in 2020. The two discussed the importance of the November election, with Sanders saying "[s]o, today, I am asking all Americans, I'm asking every Democrat, I'm asking every Independent, I'm asking a lot of Republicans to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse. To make certain that we defeat somebody who I believe, and I’m speaking just for myself now, is the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country."
Joe Biden State of the Union Interview
Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden participated in an interview conducted by CNN's Jake Tapper. He told Tapper what he had been doing to protect himself and his family during uncertain time and encouraged others to take the recommended precautions that the government had laid out for U.S. citizens to stay safe.
Joe Biden 60 Minutes Interview
Joe Biden sat down for an interview with Norah O'Donnell of 60 Minutes for his first major interview since Donald Trump attempted to get dirt on him and his family from the Ukrainian government, a decision that has led to the House of Representatives opening up an impeachment inquiry into the President. Biden forcefully defended him and his sons characters, saying that he has nothing to hide, unlike the President who has refused to release his tax returns. Biden also spent time lamenting the "lasting damage" the Trump Administration will have on the country.