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A photo of Super Tuesday presidential primary election ballots in Massachusetts.A photo of Super Tuesday presidential primary election ballots in Massachusetts.By: Whoisjohngalt

Next Democratic Presidential Primary Election

2/29South Carolina54View ResultsWatch Live Results

Election results start coming in shortly after the polls close in a given state and can take anywhere between seconds to days to be announced depending on how close a race is. States and districts that are relatively "safe" for either party tend to be called immediately while swing states and districts can take longer. 

Every major broadcast and cable news station have a team of professionals who review exit polls, polling data, and ballot returns that helps them determine when to call a district or state for a candidate. Once they are confident a race can be called for a candidate, they report it to the journalists in the television studio or newsroom and they report it to the general public.

Past Presidential Primary Elections

2/22Nevada36Bernie SandersView Results
2/11New Hampshire24Bernie SandersView Results
2/3Iowa41Pete ButtigiegView Results

While the Presidential election gets the majority of attention every four years, there are a slew of other state and federal elections happening at the same time. Every one of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives is on the ballot, along with 33 U.S. Senate seats, eleven governorships, and forty-four state house and/or senate seats.

Presidential Election Results Coverage

There are two main organizations that "call" Presidential elections in the United States - Reuters and The Associated Press

Reuters has partnered with the National Election Pool, a group comprised of ABC News, CBS News, CNN and NBC News (along with MSNBC) to provide up-to-the-minute Presidential election exit polling and results for the entirety of the primary season through election night in November. Since each of these organizations are working together on this project they will likely be "calling" a specific state and the overall winner of the Presidential election at or around the same time.

The Associated Press has teamed up with Fox News to conduct their own exit polling and results in the Presidential election. Instead of heavily focusing on exit-polling, the AP and Fox News rely on a team of reporters in all fifty states who unleash a five-part strategy to receive and quickly deliver the results to national headquarters, who then report the results on air. 

U.S. House and Senate Election Results Coverage

All 435 U.S. House Seats are up for grabs in 2020 as are 33 U.S. Senate seats. National media pays close attention to close House and Senate races in order to help viewers know which party will be in control of either chamber during the next Congressional session, but they don't always report extensively on every race, especially ones that are considered safe and not "up for grabs."

If you are interested in seeing how an individual House or Senate candidate fared then you most likely will want to visit Reuters.com or APnews.com on election night because they will both have interactive maps breaking down how each candidate did in every district and state.  

State and Local Election Results Coverage

Eleven states are holding elections for governor and forty-four states are holding state House and/or Senate elections in 2020.

It can be a little more difficult to get up-to-the-minute results on state and local elections since the national media tends to focus on federal races, but every major newspaper, along with local outlets, reports state and local results on their websites. They will also report on U.S. House and Senate results in your state.

StateLargest State Newspaper

The Birmingham News

AlaskaAnchorage Daily News

The Arizona Republic


Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

CaliforniaLos Angeles Times
ColoradoThe Denver Post

The Hartford Courant

DelawareWilmington News Journal
FloridaTampa Bay Times
GeorgiaAtlanta Journal-Constitution

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser


Idaho Statesman

IllinoisThe Chicago Tribune
IndianaThe Indianapolis Star
IowaThe Des Moines Register

The Wichita Eagle


The Courier-Journal


The Advocate


Portland Press Herald


The Baltimore Sun

MassachusettsThe Boston Globe
MichiganDetroit Free Press
Minnesota Star Tribune

The Clarion-Ledger

MissouriSt. Louis Post-Dispatch

Billings Gazette


Omaha World-Herald

NevadaLas Vegas Review-Journal
New Hampshire

New Hampshire Union Leader

New JerseyThe Star-Ledger
New Mexico

Albuquerque Journal

New YorkThe New York Times
North Carolina

The Charlotte Observer

North Dakota

The Bismarck Tribune

OhioThe Columbus Dispatch

The Oklahoman


The Oregonian


The Philadelphia Inquirer

Rhode Island

The Providence Journal

South Carolina

The Post and Courier

South Dakota

Argus Leader


Knoxville News Sentinel

TexasThe Dallas Morning News

The Salt Lake Tribune

VermontThe Burlington Free Press

The Virginian-Pilot


The Seattle Times

West Virginia

The Herald-Dispatch

WisconsinMilwaukee Journal Sentinel

Casper Star Tribune

Upcoming Presidential Primary Elections

3/3Alabama52View Polls
3/3Arkansas31View Polls
3/3California415View Polls
3/3Colorado67View Polls
3/3Maine24View Polls
3/3Massachusetts91View Polls
3/3Minnesota75View Polls
3/3North Carolina110View Polls
3/3Oklahoma37View Polls
3/3Tennessee64View Polls
3/3Texas228View Polls
3/3Utah29View Polls
3/3Vermont16View Polls
3/3Virginia99View Polls
3/10Idaho20View Polls
3/10Michigan125View Polls
3/10Mississippi36View Polls
3/10Missouri68View Polls
3/10North Dakota14View Polls
3/10Washington89View Polls
3/17Arizona67View Polls
3/17Florida219View Polls
3/17Illinois155View Polls
3/17Ohio136View Polls
3/24Georgia105View Polls
4/4Alaska15View Polls
4/4Hawaii22View Polls
4/4Louisiana50View Polls
4/4Wyoming13View Polls
4/7Wisconsin77View Polls
4/28Connecticut49View Polls
4/28Delaware17View Polls
4/28Maryland79View Polls
4/28New York224View Polls
4/28Pennsylvania153View Polls
4/28Rhode Island21View Polls
5/2Kansas41View Polls
5/5Indiana70View Polls
5/12Nebraska25View Polls
5/12West Virginia24View Polls
5/19Kentucky46View Polls
5/19Oregon52View Polls
6/2Montana16View Polls
6/2New Jersey107View Polls
6/2New Mexico29View Polls
6/2South Dakota14View Polls