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Elizabeth Warren being interviewed by Anand Giridharadas at SXSW in Austin, TX.Elizabeth Warren being interviewed by Anand Giridharadas at SXSW in Austin, TX.By: Cory Doctorow
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Elizabeth Warren Post Debate Interview With Lisa Desjardins
Elizabeth Warren spoke with PBS NewsHour correspondent Lisa Desjardins after the sixth Democratic Presidential debate to discuss the evening and how she felt it went. Warren spent much of the interview lamenting how money plays a major part in “every decision that gets made” in Washington and explained how her wealth tax would begin to help alleviate that. She also spoke about the importance of having a person of color on the Presidential ticket to better reflect the diversity of America.
Elizabeth Warren The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Interview
Elizabeth Warren sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to have a more casual discussion about her 2020 candidacy for President. The two discussed Warren's proposed "wealth tax," Medicare for All, and, more lightly, why she is a fan of "pinky promises." Warren also played a game with Fallon where she had to answer rapid-fire questions on topics ranging from the somewhat serious to the downright silly.
Elizabeth Warren The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell Interview
Elizabeth Warren sat down with Lawrence O’Donnell on "Last Word" to discuss her 2020 Presidential campaign, Kamala Harris’ exit from the campaign, her proposed wealth tax and her healthcare plan that, she promises, will cover every American for less than what the vast majority are paying today. Warren promised she "will sign anything that helps and I'll keep fighting for more ways to help."
Elizabeth Warren Post Debate Interview With CNN Panel
Elizabeth Warren sat down with CNN's John King, Van Jones, and a number of other commentators to discuss her performance at the fourth Democratic Debate and how she felt the night went for her. Warren was asked about her back and forth with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden about her "Medicare for All" proposal, specifically how her plan differs from Bernie Sanders and whether her plan will raise classes on the middle-class. Warren insisted the panel it would not.
Elizabeth Warren M J Lee Interview
Elizabeth Warren and her husband Bruce Mann spoke with CNN's MJ Lee where they had a more personal discussion about their life as a married couple. The two shared the story of how they met at a law conference in Florida in the late 1970's and married in 1980. They also discussed what it is like being on the campaign trail together and what official title he would go by if Warren were elected President.
Elizabeth Warren NBC News Interview
Elizabeth Warren spoke with Ali Vitali of NBC News where the two discussed the announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Democrats are opening a formal impeachment investigation into Donald Trump after revelations that he pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for him releasing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid Congress duly authorized. Warren was very critical of Trump's actions and cautioned that impeachment may not be "DOA" in the Senate, as many people believe.
Elizabeth Warren Late Show With Stephen Colbert Interview
Elizabeth Warren sat down with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show one night after she held a massive rally in New York City to discuss her thoughts on the rally and where she thinks the Democratic field stands with a few months before the first primary votes are cast. Warren, not surprisingly, blasted Donald Trump and claimed that he's not just a bad President, but a "terrible" one. She also attacked Trump for threatening war with Iran, reminding the audience that "no President gets to declare war on their own."
Elizabeth Warren Rachel Maddow Interview
Elizabeth Warren sat down with Rachel Maddow one night after her biggest rally to date to discuss her thoughts about that rally, her thoughts on selfie lines, and her goal of building a grass roots movement to carry her to victory in 2020. Warren also discussed her belief that Donald Trump is a natural symptom of a dysfunctional system of governance that isn't working for the common person and said that getting back to focusing on the average American is her number one priority.
Elizabeth Warren Post Debate Interview With Tom Llama
Elizabeth Warren sat down with ABC News Correspondent Tom Llamas and a number of other commentators to discuss her performance in the third Democratic Presidential debate and how she feels she separated herself from the other nine candidates sharing the stage with her. Warren said she is grateful for the debates because they are "a terrific opportunity, these debates, for each one of us on that stage to be able to talk with the American people about who we are, and if you give us the chance, where we want to lead this country. All I hope for is that I was as clear as I could be."
Elizabeth Warren Post Debate Interview MSNBC
Senator and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren talked with Chris Matthews in the spin room following the first night of the second Democratic debate. She talked about her presidential campaign and how she planned to pay for Medicare for All.
Elizabeth Warren Chris Matthews Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren talked with Chris Matthews from the spin room to talk about her campaign plans, its policies, and why she decided to run for president of the United States. She told Chris that she has the biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate.
Elizabeth Warren The View Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren tells the ladies of the view her reasons for not participating in Fox News' town hall when there were other Democratic candidates who did. She said that she wanted to reach out to everybody. She her reasoning was because of the Fox New executives.
Elizabeth Warren Interview with Stephen Colbert
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sat down for an interview with Stephen Colbert on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' to talk about how she planned to reach more voters for her campaign for the 2020 presidency. She spoke about crushing student loan debt and education costs, as well as why she doesn't spend her time going after wealthy donors money.
Elizabeth Warren Interview With Ed O'Keefe on
Senator Elizabeth Warren was interviewed by Ed O'Keefe of "Face the Nation" while the Presidential candidate was campaigning in Austin, Texas. The Senator discussed a number of her policy proposals, specifically her proposals on taxation and education that are geared toward helping the lower and middle classes.
Elizabeth Warren Interview With Rachel Maddow
2020 Democratic candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, had her first interview since announcing the launch of an exploratory committee for a run for president in 2020.