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Eric Holcomb gives his 2018 State of the State address in Indianapolis, 1/9/18.Eric Holcomb gives his 2018 State of the State address in Indianapolis, 1/9/18.By: Governor Eric Holcomb

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Eric Holcomb
Born 05/02/1968 (Age 52)
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Eric Holcomb Victory Speech | 2020 Governor Election
Indiana governor Eric Holcomb gave his victory speech in the city of Indianapolis for the 2020 race, after defeating Democratic opponent Woody Meyers by a wide margin on election night. The race was called shortly after polls closed and Holcomb addressed a crowd of supporters with his wife next to him. Holcomb spoke about what to expect from his second term in office while thanking everyone that helped him get re-elected.
Eric Holcomb Gives
Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb spoke at a press conference to give updates and information regarding the state's "Stay Home" orders and what they are doing to combat coronavirus. Holcomb was also followed by Dr. Kristina Box who gave updated information on how many infections and deaths have occurred so far from the pandemic. He also spoke on the state's economic situation and receiving a $5 million dollar commitment from the Lilly Endowment to help the homeless population in Indiana.