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1st Democratic Debate (2/2)
Night two of the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election cycle featured the second ten of twenty candidates who qualified to participate. The debate featured much more spirited discussion between the candidates than the first evening, with Vice President Biden, Senator Sanders, and Senator Harris engaging each other directly on a number of hot button issues like universal healthcare, racism, and immigration reform. One exchange in particular stood out when Senator Harris criticized Vice President Biden over his remarks praising former segregationist Southern Senators. Biden pushed back by saying Harris mischaracterized his words and insisted he did not praise racists.
Eric Swalwell Velshi & Ruhle Interview
2020 Presidential hopeful, Congressman Eric Swalwell sat down with Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle before the 1st Democratic debate. He shared his plans to make an impact in the debate that night. He also pointed out how his age would help him in the debate.
Eric Swalwell Ari Melber Interview
Right before taking the stage in the first Democratic debate, 2020 Presidential hopeful, Representative. Eric Swalwell talked with Ari Melber. He vowed to attack President Donald Trump on stage. He also responded to newly released details on the Mueller testimony.
Eric Swalwell Iowa Democrat's Hall of Fame
2020 Democratic candidate, and California U.S. Representative. Eric Swalwell spoke during the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He began his 5 minute speech, praising the Iowa Democrats for their two seat win from Republican representatives. He also promised to make background checks mandatory for gun purchases across the nation.
Eric Swalwell Interview on The View
2020 Democratic candidate, California U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell joined the hosts of The View to talk about the platform of his presidential campaign. For him, guns were the central theme. He said he didn't want to get rid of guns, but semiautomatic assault weapons. He said he was the only candidate who called for a "ban and buy back" program.
Eric Swalwell Presidential Campaign Announcement
California Representative Eric Swalwell officially announced his candidacy for president at a rally in his home town of Dublin, California. Rep. Swalwell has been an outspoken critic of the Trump Administrations stance on Russia and has spent a lot of his time as a member of the House Intelligence Committee investigating the Russian governments interference in the 2016 Presidential election.
Eric Swalwell Stephen Colbert Interview
U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell announced to Stephen Colbert, and America his bid for presidency. He went on to explain why he decided to put himself into the running for President of the United States. Stephen Colbert showed Swalwell two amusing campaign signs to end the show.