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After determining if you qualify for Food Stamps and have submitted your application then you can begin to consider what your benefits will provide for you and your family. 

Emergency COVID-19 Food Stamp Benefits

In an effort to help ease the sudden economic shock of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, a number of emergency measures have been enacted to help ensure Americans can continue to put food on their tables. 

These emergency measures include:

What Are Food Stamps?

Food Stamps provide low-income individuals and families an opportunity to purchase nutritious food at grocery stores, convenience stores, and many farmers' markets throughout the country. Benefits are automatically added to a debit card each month which can be used at any location which accepts Food Stamps.  

How Much Will My Benefits Be If I'm Approved?

 A number of factors determine the amount of Food Stamps you receive each month with the main two being the number of people in a household and the total monthly income for a household.

People in HouseholdMaximum Monthly Allotment
Each additional person+$146

Any amount remaining at the end of the benefit month will automatically roll over to the next month. In other words, you are not required to spend the entirety of your Food Stamp benefits each month for fear of losing out on any benefits because you will be able to keep whatever is left over on your EBT card. 

How Long Will My Benefits Last?

If your application is approved, the state will inform you how long your benefits will last before you need to reapply. The average length of time recipients receive their Food Stamp benefits before needing to reapply is three months for healthy recipients with no dependent children and six months for families.

Renewing My Benefits

If your application for Food Stamps is approved you will be notified how long your benefits last before you need to reapply. 

The average benefit period lasts three months for singles and couples without children and six months for families with children. However, benefits can last up to three years for some recipients.

If you find yourself closing in on the end of your benefit period and believe you still need Food Stamps then you will need to reapply in order to continue receiving benefits.   

How Do I Apply?

You can apply for Food Stamps either online or by calling your local SNAP office. The application process varies state-by-state, but every state will require you to prove your families monthly income, among other things. If your application is approved, which can take up to 30 days, you will receive benefits based on your application date. 

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