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Fox News is a news TV channel with far-right morning opinion shows, center-right shows during the day and far-right opinion shows in the evening.

Major Event Broadcasts

Fox News airs extensive coverage of all major political and newsworthy events, including primary debates, general election debates, Presidential speeches, press conferences, and election nights. 

The amount of time Fox News spends covering any major event depends on how important it is. For example, a general election debate between the Democratic and Republican nominees will get hours of coverage before and after the event while a hastily announced event may only receive minimal coverage outside of the event itself. 

When there is a major debate, Fox News will bring together a team of political pundits to discuss what they think will happen during the debate and then bring them back on the air to discuss how they felt the debate went at the conclusion of the event. 

Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum are the lead anchors with Brit Hume, Dana Perino, Juan Williams. Donna Brazile, Karl Rove, Katie Pavlich, and Bill Hemmer. Conservative primetime hosts Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity may also make appearances during coverage.

Morning Broadcasting

Fox & Friends is Fox News's premier morning show. The show, hosted by Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade, spends three hours each morning discussing major news of the day from a right-wing perspective and interviews conservative politicians and figures throughout the morning. Donald Trump often calls into the program to discuss what is on his mind, as well. 

Fox & Friends First and America's Newsroom round out the early morning hours and early afternoon with right-wing and center-right news reporting along with any breaking news that happens during a given day.

Afternoon Broadcasting

Special Report With Bret Baier is Fox News's late afternoon news broadcast. The show delivers a center-right perspective on the days news and predominately interviews conservative politicians and activists, but also sometimes interviews moderate and liberal politicians. 

Outnumbered, The Daily Briefing, Bill Hemmer Reports, and Your World With Neil Cavuto all air in the leadup to Bret Baier's show. The Story with Martha MacCallum airs the hour preceding primetime broadcasting.

Primetime Broadcasting

Fox News's primetime coverage is opinion focused with a conservative to far-right coverage. 

Tucker Carlson kicks off primetime coverage and spends much of his show delivering a monologue on issues important to him and other far-right conservatives.

Sean Hannity follows Carlson. Hannity is very close with Donald Trump and often fields calls from him live on his show.

Primetime coverage concludes with Laura Ingram's The Ingram Angle. Ingram is another Trump acolyte and often spends much of her show advocating for Trump and his policies. 

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