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Gavin Newsom
Born 10/10/1967 (Age 53)
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Governor of California (01/07/2019 - Present)
Lieutenant Governor of California (01/10/2011 - 01/07/2019)
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Gavin Newsom Announcement Declaring When California Will Reopen
California Governor Gavin Newsom held a news conference to discuss his plan to fully reopen the state beginning June 15th, 2021, but made clear safety measures like mask wearing in public spaces will stay in place for the time being. The governor cited the mass vaccination drive, falling infection rates, and decreased hospitalizations as the reasons he felt comfortable setting his goal.
Gavin Newsom 2020 DNC Convention Speech
California Governor Gavin Newsom spoke at the final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention to advocate for a nationwide global climate change plan in the face of devastating wildfires ravaging throughout his state. Mr. Newsom criticized President Trump's record on climate change, even quoting the President as saying that California was having such bad wildfires because they haven't been "clean[ing] your floors" and "clean[ing] your forests."