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Governor Gretchen Whitmer attending Adjutant General swearing-in, 12/31/18.Governor Gretchen Whitmer attending Adjutant General swearing-in, 12/31/18.By: 1st Lt. Andrew Layton

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Gretchen Whitmer
Born 08/23/1971 (Age 51)
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Gretchen Whitmer 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer delivered her 2020 DNC Convention speech from a local UAW hall in Lansing, Michigan. She used her speech to contrast Barack Obama's and Joe Biden's response to national crises with that of President Trump, drawing a clear distinction between the two Administrations. She also reminded the American people how Obama and Biden worked to save the American automobile industry that was on the verge of collapse early in his Administration.
Gretchen Whitmer Explains Michigan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke at a press conference in Michigan to cover in detail the "Stay-Home" order she gave the state. She explained that the order will have Michigan residents stay in their homes for a minimum of three weeks in order to slow the spread of coronavirus. She also says the state of Michigan has not yet gotten what they need from the federal government, saying that President Donald Trump's most recent speech leaves all states on their own. Whitmer says that she has seen the best of people during these trying times and that makes her proud to be a Michigan resident.