Economic Recovery Benefits Guides

Economic Recovery Benefit Guides

Benefit Guide About
IRS Stimulus Check StatusEverything you need to know about receiving stimulus checks from the IRS
3rd Stimulus Checks$1400 checks are coming for economic relief
2nd Stimulus ChecksCheck status of stimulus check #2
Stimulus Check Hasn't Come?Why some have not or will not receive a stimulus check
Economic Recovery BenefitsGuide on all government benefits to help those in need during the pandemic.
Unemployment BenefitsExpanded benefits for receiving unemployment during the pandemic.
Food Stamps (SNAP) BenefitsApplying for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)
Medicaid Health InsuranceTips & advice on applying for Medicaid health insurance

Unemployment Benefits Guides

Benefit Guide About
Unemployment EligibilityRequirements for filing for unemployment benefits
Unemployment ApplicationAdvice & help on applying for unemployment
Unemployment BenefitsGuide on receiving unemployment benefits

Food Stamps SNAP Nutritional Program Guides

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Food Stamps EligibilityHow to qualify for SNAP nutritional assistance
Food Stamps ApplicationApplying for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)
Food Stamps BenefitsWhat you get with food stamp benefits

Medicaid Health Insurance Guides

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Medicaid EligibilityIncome requirements to receive medicaid health insurance in your state
Medicaid ApplicationTips & advice on applying for Medicaid health insurance
Medicaid BenefitsWhat you get with your Medicaid health insurance

Seniors of course have additional options for Covid-19 relief. You can better understand your Medicare health insurance and Social Security benefits to help in times of need.

Medicare Health Insurance Guides

Benefit Guide About
Medicare EligibilityQualifying for Medicare health insurance
Medicare ApplicationHelp on applying for Medicare
Medicare BenefitsUnderstand all the benefits associated with Medicare
Medicare ProvidersGuide on finding Medicare doctors

Social Security Benefits Guide

Benefit Guide About
Social Security BenefitsUnderstanding your social security benefits better
Spousal BenefitsGuide on spousal social security benefits
Survivor BenefitsWhat happens when a family member dies
Social Security ApplicationHelp applying for social security
Disability SSI\SSDIIncome benefits for those with disabilities
Social Security AccountTips & advice with your social security account
Social Security CardsGet a new card or replace a lost or stolen one