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Eric Holcomb Victory Speech | 2020 Governor Election
Indiana governor Eric Holcomb gave his victory speech in the city of Indianapolis for the 2020 race, after defeating Democratic opponent Woody Meyers by a wide margin on election night. The race was called shortly after polls closed and Holcomb addressed a crowd of supporters with his wife next to him. Holcomb spoke about what to expect from his second term in office while thanking everyone that helped him get re-elected.
Pete Buttigieg 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, beginning his speech by raising the memory of Joe Biden's son Beau, who died of brain cancer after a life of service in both military and politics. Buttigieg also spoke about how change can come with "political courage" by highlighting the fact that he is now married to the man he loves thanks to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. He also implored the American people to bring civility back to everyday life and said that Joe Biden would work to heal the deep divides throughout this nation.
Eric Holcomb Gives
Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb spoke at a press conference to give updates and information regarding the state's "Stay Home" orders and what they are doing to combat coronavirus. Holcomb was also followed by Dr. Kristina Box who gave updated information on how many infections and deaths have occurred so far from the pandemic. He also spoke on the state's economic situation and receiving a $5 million dollar commitment from the Lilly Endowment to help the homeless population in Indiana.
Pete Buttigieg Off Script Interview
Pete Buttigieg sat down with two undecided voters in his home town of South Bend, Indiana for an interview on NPR's "Off Script" radio show. The discussion was moderated by host Scott Simon and touched on a wide range of topics that were important to not just the two voters he was having a discussion with, but with the average voter nationwide. The conversation focused mainly on healthcare, civility in politics, and the economy.
Pete Buttigieg Fox News Sunday Interview
Pete Buttigieg joined Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday' for a discussion on gun violence in the United States one day after one of the worst mass shootings in American history took place in El Paso, Texas and another mass shooting that killed a number of people in Ohio happened on the same day. Buttigieg also faced questions on whether his Presidential campaign has run out of energy after an early surge in the polls.
Pete Buttigieg Town Hall in South Bend, Indiana
Mayor Pete Buttigieg held a hastily arranged town hall in his home town one week after a fatal police shooting of an African American in his community sparked days of protest and criticism of the mayor. South Bend's chief of police joined Buttigieg for the event.
Pete Buttigieg Speech on Foreign Policy and National Security
2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg gave his first speech on foreign policy and national security from his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, where he is the current mayor. He spoke about rejoining the Iran deal and how he would handle relations with many key adversarial and allied countries around the world, as well as handling national security concerns and climate change.
Elizabeth Warren MSNBC Town Hall in Fort Wayne, IN
Massachusetts Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren joined MSNBC's Chris Hayes on the program 'All In With Chris Hayes' for a hosted town hall discussion about her campaign in Fort Wayne, Indidana. Elizabeth Warren answered questions from Hayes and the audience about how she plans to take on Donald Trump in swing states in the general election and she spoke about her plans to change the country as a whole if elected.
Pete Buttigieg Presidential Campaign Announcement
Mayor Pete Buttigieg officially announced his bid for president of the United States in a hometown rally in South Bend, IN.