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Jay Inslee Post Debate Interview with Chris Matthews
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and Washington Governor, Jay Inslee talked with MSNBC's Chris Matthews just moments after the second night of the second Democratic Debate. He told Matthews that President Donald Trump had built his political success on white nationalism, and that the President had promoted "birtherism conspiracy theories."
Jay Inslee Interview The Beat With Ari Melber
2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful, Governor Jay Inslee spoke with Ari Melber exclusively before taking the stage in the 1st Democratic Debate. He showed his support for an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and recalled how he had “stood up to Trump” on various issues.
Jay Inslee Chris Matthews Interview
Washington Governor and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Jay Inslee told Chris Matthews that when it came to climate change, there were two ways to handle the issue. He said the next administration needs to take on climate change.
Inslee Goes All In As The “Climate Change Candidate”
Democratic Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee was interviewed by MSNBC's David Gura. The 2020 presidential candidate spoke about climate change, and said he is a proud progressive. He also said he was the first governor to stand up to President Donald Trump's "Muslim ban" as well as the first governor to say that America should welcome Syrian refugees.
Jay Inslee Interview on Meet the Press
Washington Governor and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Jay Inslee sat down for an interview with Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" where he discussed his climate platform and sounded the alarm about the potential catastrophic consequences for the planet if nothing is done. He also criticized President Trump over his stances on immigration and asylum seekers.
Jay Inslee The View Interview
Jay Inslee, who's been the governor of Washington since 2013, explains to The View how he can differentiate himself from the rest of the 2020 Democratic candidates. One main point being climate change, and how it Should Be America's number one Issue.