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Joe Biden speaking at the 2017 World Economic Forum.Joe Biden speaking at the 2017 World Economic Forum.By: World Economic Forum
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Joe Biden State of the Union Interview
Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden participated in an interview conducted by CNN's Jake Tapper. He told Tapper what he had been doing to protect himself and his family during uncertain time and encouraged others to take the recommended precautions that the government had laid out for U.S. citizens to stay safe.
Joe Biden Interview With The View
The Democratic presidential front runner and former Vice President, Joe Biden, participated in a video interview with hosts of The View talk show. He talked about how he stayed up-to-date on the current global events and how he would handle things differently. He also expressed concerns about misinformation being spread by people who aren't professionals or have an ulterior motive. He also said that the American people could get through the crisis and expressed hope that we will emerge stronger than before.
Joe Biden Andrea Mitchell Reports Interview
Joe Biden spoke with Andrea Mitchell on her MSNBC program in a wide ranging phone interview where he discussed how he sees the 2020 race as it is today, the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, Trump's withdrawal withdrawal from Syria, and what his thoughts are on Trump's continued attacks against his son Hunter.
Joe Biden 60 Minutes Interview
Joe Biden sat down for an interview with Norah O'Donnell of 60 Minutes for his first major interview since Donald Trump attempted to get dirt on him and his family from the Ukrainian government, a decision that has led to the House of Representatives opening up an impeachment inquiry into the President. Biden forcefully defended him and his sons characters, saying that he has nothing to hide, unlike the President who has refused to release his tax returns. Biden also spent time lamenting the "lasting damage" the Trump Administration will have on the country.
Joe Biden Jimmy Kimmel Live Interview
Joe Biden sat down for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live one day after Nancy Pelosi formally announced that the House of Representatives will open impeachment proceedings against President Trump due to the fact that Trump pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for him releasing military aid authorized by Congress to the country. Biden expressed deep concern about Trump's actions, saying "It's such a blatant abuse of power that I don't think it can stand. Based on the material that they acknowledged today, it seems to me it's awful hard to avoid the conclusion that it is an impeachable offense and a violation of constitutional responsibility."
Joe Biden The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Interview
Joe Biden sat down with Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" to have a sometimes fun and other times serious discussion about his 2020 Presidential bid. Biden admitted near the beginning of the interview that he decided to run for President after the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia where Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists who killed a counter protester and equated peaceful protesters with white supremacists. Biden was also asked about proneness to make gaffes, prompting him to joke that "the reason I came on the Jimmy Kimmel show is..." before diving into a serious discussion.
Joe Biden Hawkeye Area Labor Council Picnic Press Availability
Joe Biden met with a number of reporters outside of the Hawkeye Area Labor Council Picnic where he answered their questions on a range of topics before entering the picnic event. Biden spoke about the upcoming Democratic debate where only ten candidates qualified, saying he's looking forward to being able to have a more substantive discussion with the candidates on stage. He also discussed a recent controversy where he appeared to lump together a number of different stories about military heroism into one story, saying he has nothing to apologize for.
Joe Biden Anderson Cooper 360 Interview
Joe Biden spoke to Anderson Cooper of CNN days after two mass shootings rocked the nation, opening up about a number of family tragedies he has endured in his life as he reflected on the the two shootings that have left at least 31 dead so far. Biden also forcefully pushed back against the narrative that mental illness is to blame for the shootings, saying "hatred is sick, but it’s not a mental illness. White supremacy is wrong. But it’s not mental illness.”
Joe Biden Sioux City Journal Interview
Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was interviewed by journalists from the Sioux City Journal during a campaign stop in the city. Biden talked about his campaign, the importance of doing well in Iowa, and why he thinks he is uniquely suited to take on President Trump in the 2020 general election.
Joe Biden Morning Joe Interview
Joe Biden sat down for an interview with Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC's "Morning Joe" for a wide ranging interview on topics ranging from Donald Trump's incendiary Tweets attacking four Democratic Congresswomen of color, his desire to move on from his widely criticized first debate performance, his friendship with former President Barack Obama, and what it feels like to lose a son, among other things.
Joe Biden Chris Cuomo Interview
Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, sat down with CNN's Chris Cuomo to talk about his 2020 presidential campaign platform. He talked about how it's been for him to go from an underdog to a front runner, as well as the endorsements and support he's received from other politicians and voters. Jill Biden said "this is when I knew Joe needed to run."
Joe Biden Chris Cuomo Primetime Interview
Former Vice President Joe Biden sat down for an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo to attempt to further explain his bumpy debate performance in the first Democratic Presidential debate where Senator Kamala Harris directly confronted him about his past stances on race relations, specifically the busing of minority children to largely Caucasian schools in the 1960's and 70's. Biden admitted he was caught off guard by the attacks and wasn't fully prepared to defend himself against what he perceived to be misleading attacks.
Joe Biden Garrett Haake Interview
Former Vice President Joe Biden talked with NBC's Garrett Haake after the first Democratic debate to defend himself from attacks by Senator Harris and others on the stage about his record on segregation and the integration of schools during his time in Congress. Mr. Biden insisted that Senator Harris mischaracterized his record and went on to explain his side and why he felt that Mrs. Harris was not accurate in her criticism.
Joe Biden Interview on The View
Former Vice President Joe Biden sat down with the hosts of 'The View' to discuss why he waited so long to announce his bid to run for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination. Biden also explained why he doesn't want former President Obama to endorse his campaign at this time.