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Joe Biden speaking at the opening ceremonies of the Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride.Joe Biden speaking at the opening ceremonies of the Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride.
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Joe Biden Speech on Unity and Reconciliation at Gettysburg
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spoke at one of the United States most hallowed sites and delivered an impassioned call for a deeply divided American people to come together for the greater good of the country. Biden, speaking near the Civil War battlefield in Gettysburg, said the American people "have too bright a future to have it shipwrecked on the shoals of anger and hate and division." His nearly 30 minute speech didn't mention Donald Trump one time, but it was impossible not to take interpret his speech as anything but an unambiguous rebuke of Donald Trump's Presidency.
Joe Biden 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Joe Biden gave the best speech of his life according to many receiving praise from pundits on the right and the left. He talked about Covid-19 and the hardships families face because of it and his plans to combat it as President.He also talked about protecting social security and medicare and improving childcare and eldercare.
Joe Biden Speech on Combating Systemic Racism
Former vice president Joe Biden delivered a speech in Wilmington, Delaware in which he spoke on combating systemic racism in the United States and to offer a policy proposal aimed at addressing it. Biden's plan called for the Federal Reserve to focus on addressing severe economic gaps between whites and minorities in the country, a major investment in Black-owned businesses, and access to affordable housing for minorities, among other things.
Joe Biden Speech on Riots and Civil Unrest in America
Former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden spoke about the killing of George Floyd and the nationwide riots that have followed during a speech in Philadelphia, PA. The former Vice President strongly condemned President Trump's handling of the crisis, especially his heavy-handed approach to peaceful protesters outside of the White House. Biden also spoke about how he would do things differently and asked Congress to pass a law prohibiting police from using chokeholds.
Joe Biden Campaign Rally in New Hampton, Iowa
Joe Biden held a campaign rally in New Hampton, Iowa during his barnstorm tour of the state. The rally was like many others he's had throughout the state until a voter stood up and accused Biden of "sending his son to Ukraine" while he was Vice President, which prompted Biden to strongly push back against the man. Biden called the man a "damn liar." Biden also said "You said I set up my son to work at an oil company, isn't that what you said? Get your words straight, jack. I'm not going to get in an argument with you."
Joe Biden Mason City, Iowa Rally
Joe Biden spoke to rally goes at the Historic Park Inn in Mason City, Iowa during his barnstorm tour of the state before their first-in-the-nation caucus. Biden talked about his fight for "the soul" of our country and said that Donald Trump is doing irreparably damage to it. Biden also talked about his tax and healthcare proposals that he promises will help the middle-class.
Joe Biden New Hampshire State House Rally
Joe Biden held a rally outside of the New Hampshire State House after filing candidacy paperwork for the first-in-the-nation primary in early 2020. Biden spoke about his campaign and reiterated to his supporters why he thinks he is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election. Biden was joined on stage with his wife, Jill Biden, and John Lynch, the former Democratic governor of New Hampshire.
Joe Biden Economic Policy Speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Joe Biden delivered a speech on his economic policy proposals in his home town of Scranton, Pennsylvania where he blasted Donald Trump for "squandering" a strong economy and abandoning the very people he promised to help if he were to be elected in 2016. Biden said that "Donald Trump inherited a strong economy from Barack and me. Things were beginning to really move. And just like everything else he’s inherited, he’s in the midst of squandering it,” before pivoting to his proposals to help the lower and middle classes get a leg up in a changing global economy.
Joe Biden Davenport, Iowa Rally
Joe Biden spoke at a rally in Davenport, Iowa where he spent much of the time hammering Donald Trump over his continued personal attacks and conspiracy theories against him and his son, Hunter Biden. Biden also hammered Trump over his decision to abandon the Kurds, a longtime US ally in northern Syria, claiming that it proves that Trump is a "complete failure." The speech was one of Biden's most forceful rebukes of Trump to date.
Joe Biden Speech Calling For Donald Trump's Impeachment
Joe Biden officially called for President Donald Trump's impeachment for the first time, saying that Trump "is shooting holes in our Constitution and we cannot allow him to get away with it.” Biden, unlike many of his Democratic competitors in the 2020 Primary, had long refused to comment on calling for Trump to be removed from office, but decided that the time has come for Trump to be removed due to the widening Ukraine scandal where he used he pressured that country's President to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for the release of desperately needed military aid.
Joe Biden Reno, Nevada Rally
Joe Biden spoke at a rally in Reno, Nevada where he went off his normal campaign stump speech and delivered a forceful rebuke to President Trump over his attempt to fan the conspiracy theory flames that the real political scandal swirling around D.C. right now isn't the impeachment investigation into him, but instead is Hunter Biden's business dealings. Biden took direct aim at Trump, saying that he's "not going anywhere" and that he's "not going to destroy me."
Joe Biden Statement on Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint
Joe Biden delivered a statement on the unfolding Ukraine whistleblower complaint that accuses President Trump of asking for a quid pro quo from the Ukrainian government where they would investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in Congressional mandated aid. Biden stressed that no person, even the President of the United States, is above the law and encouraged the House of Representatives to use all the tools at their disposal to get to the bottom of the crisis.
Joe Biden New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention Speech
Joe Biden delivered a speech at the 2019 New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention where he spoke in front of the energetic audience and stuck to the usual themes of his campaign, but notably had a Freudian slip when he accidentally referred to Donald Trump as Donald "Hump." Biden quickly corrected himself and laughed off his slip of the tongue.
Joe Biden Keene State College Rally
Joe BIden spoke at a campaign rally at rally in Keene State College in New Hampshire where he talked about his desire to pass the Equality Act, which is a bill the 116th House of Representatives passed that would prohibit discrimination "on the basis of the sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition of an individual, as well as because of sex-based stereotypes." Biden also talked about his desire to expand Obamacare, redouble our efforts to tackle climate change, and pass legislation that will help veterans.
Joe Biden Iowa State Fair Speech
Joe Biden gave a speech at the Iowa State Fair, a mandatory campaign stop for Presidential candidates of both political parties. Biden spent much of his time giving a blistering critique of Donald Trump and spoke of the desperate need for leadership out of the White House, promising that he is the one person who can deliver that leadership.
Joe Biden Speech on Mass Shootings and White Supremacy
Joe Biden delivered an impassioned speech on America's mass shooting epidemic and the scourge of white supremacy in the United States days after two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio killed dozens and injured scores more. Biden used his speech to excoriate Donald Trump over his "toxic language" that divides the nation and accused Trump of "encourag[ing] and embolding" white supremacists. Biden went on to say that "we have a president with a toxic tongue who has publicly and unapologetically embraced the political strategy of hate, racism and division. So it's up to us.”
Joe Biden City University of New York Speech
Former Vice President, Joe Biden gave a speec at the City University of New York. In his speech, he touched on his foreign policy vision. He also criticized President Donald Trump’s foreign policy by saying if he ever became president, he would end the “Muslim ban,” as well as issue of family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Joe Biden Speech on Race and Segregation
Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered a speech on race and segregation in Sumter, South Carolina days after igniting a firestorm over remarks on working with segregationist Senators that some took offense to. Biden delivered an unequivocal apology for any hurt he caused people, saying "[W]as I wrong a few weeks ago? Yes, I was. I regret it, and I’m sorry for any of the pain of misconception that caused anybody.” Biden also went on the offensive, reminding the overwhelmingly African American audience of all the work he and President Obama did during the previous Administration.
Joe Biden Fourth of July Campaign Rally in Marshalltown, Iowa
2020 presidential hopeful, and Former Vice President, Joe Biden joined his his wife Jill Biden, to hold and campaign rally in Marshalltown, Iowa. He talked about revenue that he said was "put in the wrong hands" by President Donald Trump to fall back into the communities that need the help. He also touched on how the country needs to reverse the tax cut on the super wealthy.
Joe Biden Rainbow PUSH Coalition Convention Speech
Former vice president Joe Biden, a 2020 presidential hopeful, gave a speech in front of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Convention in Chicago. In his speech, he talked about how the country needed to overcome racial inequality, as well as there being a need to strengthen the labor unions and middle class in the United States.
Joe Biden South Carolina Democratic Party Convention Speech
Former Vice President, and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden gave a speech at the South Carolina Democratic Party convention in Columbia. He talked about how proud he was to have served in the White House with President Barack Obama, and how he is determined to set out and finish the good things that they had started together.
Joe Biden Speech at the Poor People's Campaign Presidential Forum
Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the Poor People's Campaign Presidential Forum in Washington, D.C. during an event moderated by MSNBC's Joy Reid. Biden's speech focused heavily on race relations in America and struck a different tone than many of the other candidates who participated by insisting that working across the aisle with political opponents for the common good is the only way meaningful legislation is accomplished.
Joe Biden Campaign Rally in Davenport, Iowa
Former vice president Joe Biden, a 2020 presidential candidate, attended a campaign event at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, in Davenport, Iowa. He touched on the contrasts between president Trump's and his stance on congress and the intelligence community, as well as Donald Trump's view of the presidency.
Joe Biden Campaign Rally in Ottuma, Iowa
Former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden held a campaign rally in Ottuma, Iowa.He was there in efforts to bolster his position in the Iowa polls which were smaller than his national margin. He explain to the ralliers if he were elected president, the nation would find a cure for cancer, and told the crowd to let a heckler go. He also touched on standing up for American interests vs China's practices around the world.
Joe Biden Presidential Campaign Announcement
Former Vice President Joe Biden officially announced his bid for president of the United States in a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Biden argued that he was uniquely suited to challenge President Trump in 2020 because of his history championing middle-class workers in the rust belt who swung for President Trump in 2016.