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Joe Manchin
Born 08/24/1947 (Age 73)
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DC Phone Number: 202-224-3954
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Joe Manchin Congress Details

Years in Congress: 11/15/2010 - Present
Committees On: Armed Services, Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs, Energy & Natural Resources & Aging

Joe Manchin History

U.S. Senator from West Virginia (11/15/2010 - Present)
Governor of West Virginia (01/17/2005 - 11/15/2010)
West Virginia Secretary of State (01/15/2001 - 01/17/2005)
West Virginia State Senator (01/15/1987 - 01/15/1997)
College Attended: West Virginia ('70)
Degrees Earned: Bachelors Degree Business (70)
Prior Occupations: Small Business Owner
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Joe Manchin Situation Room Interview
West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin sat down with Lauren Fox of CNN for a wide ranging interview which covered a number of important topics, specifically the January 6 insurrection, filibuster reform, gun control, and voting rights legislation, among other things. Manchin said that the insurrection "changed" him as a person and Senator, saying he never imagined the seat of government could be attacked "by our own people." He also ruled out changing the filibuster, saying he firmly believes that both sides must come together for bipartisan legislation if we want lasting change.