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John Delaney Post Debate Interview With Chris Matthews
2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate John Delaney talked with Chris Matthews about his take on how he performed on the first night of the second Democratic Debate. He said he “believes in entrepreneurs, I believe in capitalism,” in reference to Senator Bernie Sanders’ platform of Medicare for All.
John Delaney Face the Nation Interview
Democratic Presidential candidate John Delaney sat down for an interview with Margaret Brennan on "Face the Nation." During the interview, Delaney notably broke with the majority of the Democratic field by saying he opposed Democratic efforts to decriminalize border crossings made by migrants at the southern border. Delaney said his priority isn't to change existing immigration law, but to instead redouble efforts to help the Central American countries experiencing economic and political turmoil that is driving people out of their homes and turning them into refugees.
John Delaney Chris Matthews Interview
2020 Presidential hopeful, Representative. John Delaney sat down with Chris Matthews to discuss his take on Medicare For All, as well as his beliefs of why private sector health care was vital. He claimed that Medicare For All would close every hospital in the country.
John Delaney The View Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, John Delaney, gave his 2 cents to The View on President Donald Trump's remarks on notifying the FBI of foreign intelligence on his 2020 Democratic opponents. Delaney called it "un-American" and "un-patriotic."
John Delaney Interview with John Harwood
Former Representative, and 2020 Democratic candidate, John Delaney, sat down with John Harwood to discuss his campaign platform. Delaney said he favors higher corporate taxes to pay for infrastructure, as well as universal health care, and limits on carbon emissions. He said the skills he learned in his finance businesses would help him work with Republicans to get it all done.