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John Hickenlooper Victory Speech | 2020 Senate Election
Senator-elect John Hickenlooper delivered his victory speech shortly after news organizations called the race in his favor. Hickenlooper unseated Republican Senator Cory Gardner in a state that has tilted further towards Democrats in recent years. He used his speech to assert that "people are saying it’s time to turn the page. It’s time for a different approach. It’s time to start solving problems and helping people. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. We’ve got to get Washington working for everyone.” Hickenlooper will be sworn in on January 3, 2021.
2nd Democratic Debate (1/2)
Night one of the second Democratic debate in Detroit featured two popular progressive candidates speaking the most, Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren, engaging in debates with more moderate candidates on topics including health care, immigration reform & college education. Tim Ryan and John Delaney were the most outspoken in support of more moderate positions providing a contrast while Pete Buttigieg with the 3rd most speaking time focused his criticism on Republicans. Steve Bullock made his first appearance and also defended more moderate positions.
John Hickenlooper Post Debate Interview with Chris Matthews
2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful, John Hickenlooper talked with Chris Matthews, following the first night of the second Democratic Debates. He told Matthews about his doubts on jobs guarantee. He said “I’m a geologist, I understand a sinkhole when I see one.”
1st Democratic Debate (2/2)
Night two of the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election cycle featured the second ten of twenty candidates who qualified to participate. The debate featured much more spirited discussion between the candidates than the first evening, with Vice President Biden, Senator Sanders, and Senator Harris engaging each other directly on a number of hot button issues like universal healthcare, racism, and immigration reform. One exchange in particular stood out when Senator Harris criticized Vice President Biden over his remarks praising former segregationist Southern Senators. Biden pushed back by saying Harris mischaracterized his words and insisted he did not praise racists.
John Hickenlooper All In Interview with Chris Hayes
2020 Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper talked to Chris Hayes in an interview on MSNBC's All in. He discussed his stance on socialism as well as his oil and gas record as governor of Colorado. He also talked about getting booed for saying that socialism wasn't the answer, as well as many other things he said at the California Democrats State Convention.
John Hickenlooper Interview With Rachel Maddow
Former Colorado governor, and 2020 Democratic candidate for president, John Hickenlooper, sat down with Rachel Maddow to discuss the success of a contraception program he enacted as governor. The program's purpose was to reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies, as well as abortions in the state of Colorado.
John Hickenlooper Interview with Face the Nation
2020 Democratic candidate, and former governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper was interviewed by Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation. They discussed his 2020 campaign for president and the big debate over capitalism amongst democrats. He said,"I'm happy to say I'm a capitalist, but labels divide us."
John Hickenlooper Presidential Campaign Announcement
Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020 in a video posted to YouTube. In the video Hickenlooper highlighted how he was able to help sign into state law new gun control measures that he said he would fight to enact at the federal level.