Joni Ernst | Republican U.S. Senator from Iowa

Joni Ernst at the Republican Election Night Party (DSM), 2016.Joni Ernst at the Republican Election Night Party (DSM), 2016.By: Max Goldberg

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Joni Ernst
Born 07/01/1970 (Age 50)

Joni Ernst Congress Details

Years in Congress: 01/03/2015 - Present
Committees On: Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Joni Ernst History

U.S. Senator from Iowa (01/03/2015 - Present)
Iowa State Senator (01/05/2011 - 01/03/2015)
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Joni Ernst 2020 RNC Convention Speech
Iowa Senator Joni Ernst spoke on the third night of the Republican National Convention to advocate for Donald Trump's reelection in November's Presidential election. She cast the 2020 election as a choice between “freedom, prosperity, and economic growth under a Trump-Pence administration. Or the Biden-Harris path, paved by liberal coastal elites and radical environmentalists.” Senator Ernst also heaped praise on Donald Trump for his policies that, she says, have helped Iowan farmers.