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Julian Castro being interviewed by VOA Spanish reporter, Lina Correa.Julian Castro being interviewed by VOA Spanish reporter, Lina Correa.By: Voice of America
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Julian Castro State of the Union Interview
Julian Castro spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" via satellite from his home town of San Antonio, Texas where he discussed his Presidential candidacy and the news of the week. Castro began his appearance by castigating Donald Trump over his handling of peace talks between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan, saying that he doesn't "know what to believe anymore" with regards to Trump's words.
Julian Castro Meet The Press Interview
Julian Castro spoke with Chuck Todd of NBC's "Meet the Press" where he discussed the need for gun reform one day after yet another mass shooting in the state of Texas. He also insisted that he is in the Presidential primary to win the nomination and explained why he believes that he could “reassemble the Obama coalition and then supercharge that" to win the states needed to get 270 electoral college votes in 2020.
Julián Castro Post Debate Interview With Chris Matthews
Secretary and Democratic Presidential Candidate Julián Castro talked with Chris Matthews just moments after the second night of the second Democratic debate. He touched on his immigration platform and the need for what he called a “21st century Marshall Plan for Central America.”
Julián Castro Kasie Hunt Interview
2020 Presidential candidate Julián Castro sat down with MSNBC's Kasie Hunt to discuss his performance in the first Democratic debate. They spoke about how he hopes to build momentum with his campaign going forward after the positive reception he received from his debate performance.
Julian Castro Morning Joe Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro talked with Morning Joe about his performance at the 1st Democratic debate. He made references as to why he believed voters were looking at him with a new perspective the morning after. He also talked about Beto, health care, and reproductive justice.
Julián Castro Seth Meyers Interview
Former mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julián Castro was interviewed by Seth Meyers. In it, they talked about getting hired by President Barack Obama, as well as Ben Carson's work as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The interview also touched immigration.
Julián Castro Interview with Vice News
While other 2020 Democratic hopefuls campaigned in Iowa or New Hampshire, Obama's former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro was in Nevada. He said he had always received the best response from people in Nevada. He spoke to people on topics such as immigration reform, saying that he didn't buy into the idea that Americans have to choose between border security and compassion. He also spoke about his plan to relieve the student debt crisis.
Julián Castro Interview With Rachel Maddow
2020 Democratic candidate for president, Julián Castro sat down with with Rachel Maddow, and discussed his criticisms of president Donald Trump's administration, and it's handling of classified and national security matters. They also discussed Trump's policy of "cruelty" at the Mexican border.
Julián Castro Jimmy Kimmel Interview
Presidential candidate, Julián Castro talked to host, Jimmy Kimmel about President Donald Trump's State of the Union address. They also discussed immigration, health care, and being a secretary for President Obama. He was quized by Jimmy to see if he was qualified to be president.
Julián Castro Interview with The View
Julián Castro, a former Obama administration secretary was interviewed by the hosts of The View. He talked about his first campaign stop in Puerto Rico and also the reasons why he’s running in the 2020 Presidential election. He said by his perspective that he was not the front runner, by conventional measures. He said that where he come from that no one was a 'front runner," and he recalled never been a front runner in his life. He also said there were many people in country who do not feel like front runners, and he would resonate with them.