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Kamala Harris speaking at L.A.'s Families Belong Together MarchKamala Harris speaking at L.A.'s Families Belong Together MarchBy: Luke Harold
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Vice Presidential Debate
Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence faced off at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City for their first and only debate. A couple memorable moments are when the moderator accidently referred to Senator Harris as Kamala Harris, to which the Senator responded "that's fine. I'm Kamala" and when a fly landed on Pence's head. The two repeatedly clashed over the Trump Administrations response to multiple crises gripping the United States, with Senator Harris strongly criticizing Trump and Pence for their inability to help everyday Americans and VP Pence largely sticking to talking points in defense of Trump.
Kamala Harris 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Senator Kamala Harris delivered her 2020 Democratic National Convention speech in which she accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President. She is the first Black woman to be a major party's Vice Presidential nominee. Harris spent parts of her speech introducing herself to the American people and other parts going after President Trump and his Administration, going so far as to say "I know a predator when I see one."
Kamala Harris Late Show With Stephen Colbert Interview
Kamala Harris sat down with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show to talk about her Presidential campaign and how she felt the 5th Democratic debate went. She was also asked about Senator Lindsey Graham's announcement that he's opening an investigation into Joe Biden, his son, and their supposed ties to Ukraine. Harris slammed Graham for willingly feeding into a known conspiracy theory the Russians created out of thin air to deflect responsibility for their actual interference in the 2016 election.
Kamala Harris Post Debate Interview With Chris Matthews
Kamala Harris sat down in the spin room with Chris Matthews and his panel to discuss her performance at the 5th Democratic debate. Harris also said the House of Representatives has uncovered "lots of evidence" that should lead to the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump.
5th Democratic Debate
The Fifth Democratic Debate will be hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Ten candidates qualified for the debate - Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, and Tom Steyer.
Kamala Harris Morning Joe Interview
Kamala Harris sat down with a panel on Morning Joe to discuss the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump and where she thinks it stands over a month into it. Harris also discussed her Presidential campaign and why she has decided to focus much of her attention on the critical state of Iowa.
Kamala Harris Morning Joe Interview
Kamala Harris spoke with Willie Geist on "Morning Joe" the morning after the 4th Democratic debate to discuss her performance and where she sees the race with only a few months before the first votes are cast in the primary season. Harris also discussed the House impeachment investigation into Donald Trump and said that any official or witness who refuses to testify or hand over subpoenaed documents should be held in contempt of Congress and disciplined accordingly.
4th Democratic Debate
The fourth Democratic debate at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, just outside of Columbus, featured twelve candidates all sharing the same stage. Most observers paid close attention to how Senator Elizabeth Warren performance now that she is leading in many national polls and she had a fairly strong night. Eyes were also on Bernie Sanders, who is returning to the race after suffering a heart attack on October 1. He had a strong performance and is, at least for now, seeming to move on from his health emergency. Joe Biden had a relatively strong night without any major gaffes, but without any major memorable moment either.
Kamala Harris The Last Word Interview
Kamala Harris spoke with Lawrence O'Donnell of The Last Word to talk about the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump the House is conducting and what she is doing to ensure the Trump Administration will preserve all evidence related to the probe, especially evidence that could show potential wrongdoing by Trump. She also discussed a bill she coauthored with Senator Richard Blumenthal that would require the entire Trump cabinet to preserve all documents related to the impeachment inquiry.
Kamala Harris Anderson Cooper Interview
Kamala Harris spoke with Anderson Cooper on AC360 where she called for Twitter to suspend Donald Trump's Twitter account for tweets he posted that blatantly threatened the whistleblower who reported alleged wrongdoing by him. Harris said that Twitter would have immediately suspended any other individuals account and said that they have a double standard when it comes to Trump.
Kamala Harris Post Debate Interview With Tom Llamas
Kamala Harris sat down with ABC News Correspondent Tom Llamas and a number of other commentators to discuss the third Democratic Presidential debate and how she thinks the evening went. Harris was also asked again about her record as California's Attorney General and defended her tenure there, saying she has nothing to apologize for because she became a prosecutor because she has "a very strong and natural desire to want to protect people. In particular our most vulnerable. A large part of my career as a courtroom prosecutor was handling cases that affected crimes against women and children,"
3rd Democratic Debate
The third Democratic debate in Houston brought the top ten candidates in the Democratic field onto the same stage for the first time and there was no shortage of lively discussion among the group. The top three candidates - Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders - stuck largely to their typical script, with neither of them delivering any major blows, to the likely relief of Joe Biden. The remaining seven candidates received ample time to deliver their message and answer questions from the moderators, but none appeared to deliver a breakout performance that would shake the top of the field up.
Kamala Harris Four Directions Native American Forum
Kamala Harris participated in the first annual Four Directions Native American Presidential Forum via Skype where she took questions from the forum moderators for over forty minutes. Harris expressed support for Native American priorities and promised to take them into account in her decision making if she were to become President.
Kamala Harris Meet the Press Interview
Kamala Harris sat down with NBC's Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" where she discussed her Presidential campaign as she prepared to begin a bus tour across the pivotal state of Iowa. Harris pulled no punches, directly accusing Donald Trump of running a "campaign of terror" against minorities in the United States, pointing to both his rhetoric and executive actions has he taken against people of color, specifically recent immigration raids that have rounded up hundreds of undocumented immigrants, but left the employers of those undocumented immigrants largely unscathed.
Kamala Harris Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer Interview
Kamala Harris was interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer where she expressed outrage at Donald Trump's words and actions in the lead up to two mass shootings that have rocked the nation and laid direct blame on the President's feet. She was also highly critical of Trump for playing golf in the wake of the shootings, saying "blood is streaming and he's playing golf."
Kamala Harris Post Debate Interview with Morning Joe
2020 Democratic candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, told Morning Joe that her agenda in her campaign is focused on health care, jobs, as well as the concerns of the American people. Her interview came the morning after the second day of the second Democratic debate.
2nd Democratic Debate (2/2)
Night two of the second Democratic debate in Detroit was a heated one between the 2020 hopefuls. The candidates focused more on attacking one another on issues such as healthcare and immigration than they did on how they would defeat Donald Trump. Kamala Harris was slammed by several candidates for her healthcare plan and her tenure as California's attorney general, but it was Joe Biden who received the majority of the blows by almost every candidate. His record was constantly called into question, as well as his position on the Hyde Amendment. Biden's responses were references to his time serving with Barack Obama.
Kamala Harris Jimmy Kimmel Live Interview
Kamala Harris sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss her Presidential campaign and talk about her challenging Joe Biden's prior stances on school integration, busing, and race during the first democratic debate. She also spent time criticizing Donald Trump for siding with dictators over the United States intelligence community, his perceived abuses of power, and her vote to vote to provide 9/11 first responders with benefits after years of being in limbo.
Kamala Harris Out Front Interview
Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Kamala Harris sat down with CNN's Kyung Lah of Erin Burnett's OutFront for an interview where they discussed Donald Trump's incendiary and racist Tweets demanding that four House Democrat's "go back" to the country's they came from if they don't like his policies. Harris fired back by suggesting that Trump should go back to where he came from and no longer be President.
Kamala Harris House Party Speech in Gilford, New Hampshire
2020 Democratic presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris spoke at a house party organized by local Democratic party members in Gilford, New Hampshire. Harris discussed her campaign strategy to win the 2020 elections, her stance on many political issues and she took questions from supporters in attendance.
Kamala Harris The View Interview
Senator Kamala Harris sat down for an interview with the hosts of "The View" on ABC. The interview touched on a wide range of topics from her confrontation with Vice President Biden during the first Democratic Presidential debate to her views on Medicare for all and her education platform.
Kamala Harris Essence Festival Speech
California Senator Kamala Harris spoke at the 2019 Essence Festival at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA. Kamala spoke about her 2020 campaign for presidency on the Democratic ticket as well as her views and personal history with African-American women's rights in the country.
Kamala Harris Town Hall in Des Moines, Iowa
2020 presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris held a town hall meetup in Des Moines, Iowa to speak about her campaign and stances on various political issues. She took questions from the audience in attendance and spoke on issues spanning from health care to border security to teacher's pay.
Kamala Harris Morning Joe Interview
Senator Kamala Harris sat down for an interview with the cast of Morning Joe the morning after a widely praised debate performance. In the interview, Senator Harris discussed her clash with Vice President Biden over busing and segregation during the debate, her policy proposals for the education system, and also sought to clarify her stance on private health insurance.
1st Democratic Debate (2/2)
Night two of the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election cycle featured the second ten of twenty candidates who qualified to participate. The debate featured much more spirited discussion between the candidates than the first evening, with Vice President Biden, Senator Sanders, and Senator Harris engaging each other directly on a number of hot button issues like universal healthcare, racism, and immigration reform. One exchange in particular stood out when Senator Harris criticized Vice President Biden over his remarks praising former segregationist Southern Senators. Biden pushed back by saying Harris mischaracterized his words and insisted he did not praise racists.
Kamala Harris Anderson Cooper Interview
Following her debate with other 2020 Democratic candidates, Senator. Kamala Harris gave an interview to CNN's Anderson Cooper. She responded to why she had confronted former Vice President Joe Biden with her own personal story about race during NBC's Democratic Presidential debate.
Kamala Harris Kyung Lah Interview
Senator Kamala Harris spoke with CNN's Kyung Lah on the debate floor just after the first Democratic Presidential debate ended. In the brief interview, Senator Harris explained why criticized former Vice President Joe Biden over his willingness to work with segregationist Senators during his time in the Senate.
Kamala Harris Chris Mathews Interview
2020 Democratic Presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris sat down with Chris Matthews from the spin room to talk about the first Democratic debate. She discussed her contentious interaction with candidate Joe Biden on his position on bussing and working with segregationists.
Kamala Harris Joy Ried Interview
Just after her speech at the South Carolina Democratic National Convention, 2020 hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris sat down with Joy Ried to talk about her campaign platform She also criticized President Donald Trump's foreign policy, as well as touched on her strategy to get American voters to back a women of color for president.
Kamala Harris South Carolina Democratic Party Convention Speech
California Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke at the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Convention at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, along with several other hopefuls to campaign for South Carolina's vote in the upcoming primaries.
Kamala Harris All In Interview
Democratic candidate, Kamala Harris gave an interview to MSNBC's All In. She responded to the possibility that foreign entities could interfere in the 2020 Presidential Election on behalf of President Donald Trump. This followed a quote of Donald Trump's after being asked if he would take information on an opponent that was offered by a foreigner. He said " I think I'd take it."
Kamala Harris Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Speech
California Senator, Kamala Harris gave a speech at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame event, in Cedar Rapids. In her speech, she touched on her opinions of President Donald Trump's actions as president. She chalked them off to being various forms of fraud, and said “There's a rap sheet full of evidence to make the case.”
Kamala Harris NAACP Freedom Fund Speech
Senator Kamala Harris spoke to the crowd of the South Carolina Chapter of the NAACP at their Freedom Fund celebration. She spoke about her record as a prosecutor, issuing what was considered a forceful defense of her record. She said, "Let me be clear: self-appointed political commentators do not get to define who we are and what we believe, and they do not get to define what can be."
Kamala Harris California Democratic Convention Speech
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and U.S. senator Kamala Harris, spoke to the crowd of the California Democratic Party convention in San Francisco. She recalled moments of her childhood, and how she as a child would come in the house complaining, only to hear her mother ask, "what are you going to do about it." So she decided to run for President of the United States of America.
Kamala Harris Town Hall Hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC
California Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris participated in a town hall event at Wofford College that was hosted by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell. The event touched on a host of topics, but notably Senator Harris stressed her pro-choice credentials and explained how difficult enacting progressive legislation would without major changes in the Senate.
Kamala Harris Stephen Colbert Interview
2020 presidential hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris sat down with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show. In the interview, she clarified where she stood on what was considered a "very sticky issue" of the impeachment of President Donald Trump. She made the point that the Senate would more than likely not impeach President Trump, and that he would celebrate it by rubbing it in his oppositions' faces.
Kamala Harris Interview on The Beat With Ari Melber
2020 candidate Sen. Kamala Harris joined MSNBC's Ari Melber on the The Beat. She spoke about her plan to close the gender wage gap, which would force corporations to prove they are paying all genders equally, or face strict fines. She also discussed the Mueller report, as well as answered a lightning round of fun questions such as her dream running mate, and her favorite cooking recipe
Kamala Harris Interview With Rachel Maddow
2020 Democratic candidate, Senator Kamala Harris sat down with Rachel Maddow. In the interview, they discussed Attorney General William Barr's responses before the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as his conduct on behalf of President Donald Trump.
Kamala Harris Hardball Interview
Chris interviews interviewed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris on Hardball. Since Harris was on the Judiciary Committee, Mathews asked her about her her line of questioning with A.G. Barr that day, as well as what she thought would come next. She told Mathews that she believed that A.G. Barr had clearly intended to mislead the American public
Kamala Harris CNN Town Hall in Manchester, New Hampshire
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris took questions from moderators and the audience at a CNN Town Hall in Manchester, New Hampshire. During the event, she made a pledge that, if she were ever elected president she would take executive action to ensure the enactment of sweeping gun control. She said "I'll give Congress 100 days to pass gun laws."
Kamala Harris Seth Meyers Interview
2020 Democratic candidate, Senator Kamala Harris explained to host, Seth Meyers why she wanted to give teachers in America a raise, with the main idea being to not put more money into schools, but put more money into teachers' pockets. She later defended her record in law enforcement, after receiving criticism from progressives.
Kamala Harris Jimmy Kimmel Interview
2020 Democratic candidate, Senator Kamala Harris sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to talk about being on the campaign trail. She went on later to talk about her family, not being perfect, and having a robust Democratic Primary. She also talked about her democratic opponents, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.
Kamala Harris Daily Show With Trevor Noah Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator. Kamala Harris sat down with Trevor Noah of the Daily show. She discussed how to fix policing, and criminal justice in America. She also told Noah why she chose the occupation of a prosecutor, as well as how she reconciled her record along with her plan to reform the American criminal justice system.
Kamala Harris CNN Town Hall in Des Moines, Iowa
2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris took questions from the crowd during a CNN town hall in Iowa. When Senator Harris was asked how she would stay on-point in a debate with President Donald Trump, she said she would "speak like a leader" instead of "inciting fear."
Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign Announcement
California Senator Kamala Harris officially announced her 2020 bid for president of the United States as a Democratic nominee at a rally in her hometown of Oakland, California. She spoke about how her personal and family history as well as her political and law career are great qualifications to make her the next president elect, for the people.
Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Presidential Run
In an interview with the hosts of Good Morning America, Senator Kamala Harris announced her bid for the 2020 Presidential election. When asked why she wanted to run for the Office of the President of the United States, she said it was a moment in time where she felt a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight "for the best of who we are". He also insisted one the nation's highest priorities is national security.