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Kamala Harris speaking with at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People.Kamala Harris speaking with at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People.By: Gage Skidmore
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Kamala Harris 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Senator Kamala Harris delivered her 2020 Democratic National Convention speech in which she accepted the Democratic nomination for Vice President. She is the first Black woman to be a major party's Vice Presidential nominee. Harris spent parts of her speech introducing herself to the American people and other parts going after President Trump and his Administration, going so far as to say "I know a predator when I see one."
Kamala Harris House Party Speech in Gilford, New Hampshire
2020 Democratic presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris spoke at a house party organized by local Democratic party members in Gilford, New Hampshire. Harris discussed her campaign strategy to win the 2020 elections, her stance on many political issues and she took questions from supporters in attendance.
Kamala Harris Essence Festival Speech
California Senator Kamala Harris spoke at the 2019 Essence Festival at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA. Kamala spoke about her 2020 campaign for presidency on the Democratic ticket as well as her views and personal history with African-American women's rights in the country.
Kamala Harris South Carolina Democratic Party Convention Speech
California Senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke at the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Convention at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, along with several other hopefuls to campaign for South Carolina's vote in the upcoming primaries.
Kamala Harris Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Speech
California Senator, Kamala Harris gave a speech at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame event, in Cedar Rapids. In her speech, she touched on her opinions of President Donald Trump's actions as president. She chalked them off to being various forms of fraud, and said “There's a rap sheet full of evidence to make the case.”
Kamala Harris NAACP Freedom Fund Speech
Senator Kamala Harris spoke to the crowd of the South Carolina Chapter of the NAACP at their Freedom Fund celebration. She spoke about her record as a prosecutor, issuing what was considered a forceful defense of her record. She said, "Let me be clear: self-appointed political commentators do not get to define who we are and what we believe, and they do not get to define what can be."
Kamala Harris California Democratic Convention Speech
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and U.S. senator Kamala Harris, spoke to the crowd of the California Democratic Party convention in San Francisco. She recalled moments of her childhood, and how she as a child would come in the house complaining, only to hear her mother ask, "what are you going to do about it." So she decided to run for President of the United States of America.
Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign Announcement
California Senator Kamala Harris officially announced her 2020 bid for president of the United States as a Democratic nominee at a rally in her hometown of Oakland, California. She spoke about how her personal and family history as well as her political and law career are great qualifications to make her the next president elect, for the people.