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Kamala Harris participating at a town hall in Los Angeles, California.Kamala Harris participating at a town hall in Los Angeles, California.By: Office of Senator Kamala Harri
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Videos of Previous Kamala Harris Town Halls & Forums
Kamala Harris Four Directions Native American Forum
Kamala Harris participated in the first annual Four Directions Native American Presidential Forum via Skype where she took questions from the forum moderators for over forty minutes. Harris expressed support for Native American priorities and promised to take them into account in her decision making if she were to become President.
Kamala Harris Town Hall in Des Moines, Iowa
2020 presidential candidate and California Senator Kamala Harris held a town hall meetup in Des Moines, Iowa to speak about her campaign and stances on various political issues. She took questions from the audience in attendance and spoke on issues spanning from health care to border security to teacher's pay.
Kamala Harris Town Hall Hosted by Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC
California Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris participated in a town hall event at Wofford College that was hosted by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell. The event touched on a host of topics, but notably Senator Harris stressed her pro-choice credentials and explained how difficult enacting progressive legislation would without major changes in the Senate.
Kamala Harris CNN Town Hall in Manchester, New Hampshire
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris took questions from moderators and the audience at a CNN Town Hall in Manchester, New Hampshire. During the event, she made a pledge that, if she were ever elected president she would take executive action to ensure the enactment of sweeping gun control. She said "I'll give Congress 100 days to pass gun laws."
Kamala Harris CNN Town Hall in Des Moines, Iowa
2020 Democratic Presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris took questions from the crowd during a CNN town hall in Iowa. When Senator Harris was asked how she would stay on-point in a debate with President Donald Trump, she said she would "speak like a leader" instead of "inciting fear."