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Michael Bennet speaking with Dr. John Kitching at the NIST in Boulder, CO.Michael Bennet speaking with Dr. John Kitching at the NIST in Boulder, CO.By: National Institute of Standard
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Michael Bennet Post Debate Morning Joe Interview
2020 Democratic candidate, Senator Michael Bennet, joined hosts of Morning Joe one day after the second day of the second Democratic debate. He remarked that in order to win the Oval Office, the democratic presidential nominee must be able to win states like Colorado and Arizona.
Michael Bennet The View Interview
Senator Michael Bennet sat down for an interview with the hosts of "The View" on ABC where he discussed his Presidential bid, his immigration proposal, and his views on a range of topics from education to healthcare.
Michael Bennet Fox News Sunday Interview
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Michael Bennet was interviewed by Dana Perino on 'Fox News Sunday' where he discussed his long shot bid for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020. Bennet talked at length about his issues with President Trump on a channel that largely supports the President and pushed back against the idea that President Trump is responsible for the current economic conditions in the United States.
Michael Bennet Chris Mathews Interview
2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate and US Senator, Michael Bennet sat down with Chris Matthews from the spin room to talk about the first Democratic debate. He brought some points to the table, such as fixing the Affordable Care Act, as well as how he could work with Republicans on issues like immigration.
Michael Bennet Seth Meyers Interview
Senator Michael Bennet talked to Seth Meyers about unnecessary spending in the U.S. government, as well as the lack of economic growth and how necessary it is to make government work for Americans again. They also discussed marijuana.
Michael Bennet Interview with Face the Nation
2020 presidential candidate and Democratic Senator of Colorado. Michael Bennet was interviewed by moderator Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation. They discussed how farmers are affected by trade talks with China. He aslo called President Trump the "most fiscally irresponsible president we have had in generations."
Michael Bennet Interview with Meet The Press
Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado talked about his 2020 campaign for president, and what he thought the next steps should be for for Democrats investigating President Donald Trump. During the exclusive interview with Meet the Press, he said that President Trump "Has Committed Impeachable Offenses."
Michael Bennet Interview Announcing Candidacy for President in 2020
Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020 during an interview on "CBS This Morning." Bennet is currently serving his second term as Colorado Senator and is the states senior Senator.