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Nancy Pelosi 2020 DNC Convention Speech
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention where she delivered a forceful rebuke of President Trump and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, saying “[A]s Speaker, I’ve seen firsthand Donald Trump’s disrespect for facts, for working families, and for women in particular — disrespect written into his policies toward our health and our rights, not just his conduct” before pivoting to encouraging every eligible voter to vote for Joe Biden for President this November.
Nancy Pelosi Speech On $2.5 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Plan
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled to the public a $2.5 trillion virus economic stimulus plan outside of her office on Capital Hill. Her speech followed a Senate measure that stalled which triggered a sell-off in U.S. equities markets. The bill she unveiled, if passed would render aid to American workers who were fired, laid off, or were put on leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
Nancy Pelosi Speech Opening House Impeachment Debate
Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke from the House floor to officially open debate on Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. Pelosi took her time detailing the case the House Democrats have compiled against the President, explained the two articles they are charging him with, and spoke of how history will look upon each member after taking the vote.