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Elizabeth Warren NBC News Interview
Elizabeth Warren spoke with Ali Vitali of NBC News where the two discussed the announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Democrats are opening a formal impeachment investigation into Donald Trump after revelations that he pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for him releasing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid Congress duly authorized. Warren was very critical of Trump's actions and cautioned that impeachment may not be "DOA" in the Senate, as many people believe.
Beto O'Rourke Meet the Press Interview
Beto O'Rourke sat down with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press to discusses his gun reform proposals, insisting that "there is support beyond the Democratic Party" for gun legislation. O'Rourke also discussed how he felt he performed at the most recent Democratic debate and where he thinks the state of the primary race is a few months before the first voters head to the primaries in early 2020.
Amy Klobuchar Meet The Press Interview
Amy Klobuchar spoke with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press about life on the campaign trail and why she believes that she's "stronger" than all the other candidates running. She also chastised Donald Trump for telling "over 10,000 lies" to the American people, saying that one of the most important qualities a President needs to have is the ability to be honest with the American people.
Julian Castro Meet The Press Interview
Julian Castro spoke with Chuck Todd of NBC's "Meet the Press" where he discussed the need for gun reform one day after yet another mass shooting in the state of Texas. He also insisted that he is in the Presidential primary to win the nomination and explained why he believes that he could “reassemble the Obama coalition and then supercharge that" to win the states needed to get 270 electoral college votes in 2020.
Beto O’Rourke Meet The Press Interview
Beto O’Rourke sat down for an interview with Chuck Todd of 'Meet the Press' to discuss reentering the Presidential campaign after taking a number of days off after a mass shooting in his home town of El Paso, Texas. O'Rourke spent much of the interview tearing into Donald Trump's divisiveness, especially on topics like immigration. He accused the President of waging "a concerted, organized attack against immigrants, against people of color, against those who do not look like or pray like or love like the majority in this country.”
Kamala Harris Meet the Press Interview
Kamala Harris sat down with NBC's Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" where she discussed her Presidential campaign as she prepared to begin a bus tour across the pivotal state of Iowa. Harris pulled no punches, directly accusing Donald Trump of running a "campaign of terror" against minorities in the United States, pointing to both his rhetoric and executive actions has he taken against people of color, specifically recent immigration raids that have rounded up hundreds of undocumented immigrants, but left the employers of those undocumented immigrants largely unscathed.
Cory Booker Meet the Press Interview
Senator Cory Booker was interviewed by Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, days after participating in the first Democratic Presidential debate. Sen. Booker used the interview to criticize Joe Biden over his history of working with southern segregationists during his time in the United States Senate.
1st Democratic Debate (2/2)
Night two of the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election cycle featured the second ten of twenty candidates who qualified to participate. The debate featured much more spirited discussion between the candidates than the first evening, with Vice President Biden, Senator Sanders, and Senator Harris engaging each other directly on a number of hot button issues like universal healthcare, racism, and immigration reform. One exchange in particular stood out when Senator Harris criticized Vice President Biden over his remarks praising former segregationist Southern Senators. Biden pushed back by saying Harris mischaracterized his words and insisted he did not praise racists.
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