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Mike Pence Today Show Interview on Coronavirus Cases
Vice President and head of the Coronavirus Task Force team Mike Pence joined NBC's 'The Today Show' remotely from Washington DC to speak about the rise in COVID-19 cases. Show host Savannah Guthrie questioned Pence on what experts are saying about how many people could get the virus and what's being done to test and treat the American public. She pressed Pence on hard numbers and Pence said he expects 'thousands more cases' but deferred to experts for exact numbers.
9th Democratic Debate
The 9th Democratic Debate was held at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. NBC News and MSNBC hosted the debate along with The Nevada Independent. It was the smallest debate stage in the 2020 election cycle and the first debate former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg participated in. His Democratic rivals wasted no time harshly criticizing his record on a number of issues and questioning his motives for entering the race. Bloomberg appeared caught off guard at some moments, but forcefully pushed back at others. Another memorable moment is when Sen. Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg had an impassioned debate over courting minority voters.
Pat Toomey Meet the Press Interview
Pat Toomey sat down with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press to discuss the pending vote by the House of Representatives to impeach Donald Trump over his withholding of funds authorized by Congress to Ukraine in exchange for the country's President to open an investigation into Joe Biden. Toomey was asked about that and a number of other issues, specifically his disagreement with Trump over his trade war with China and how it is negatively affecting his constituents in his home state of Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth Warren The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Interview
Elizabeth Warren sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to have a more casual discussion about her 2020 candidacy for President. The two discussed Warren's proposed "wealth tax," Medicare for All, and, more lightly, why she is a fan of "pinky promises." Warren also played a game with Fallon where she had to answer rapid-fire questions on topics ranging from the somewhat serious to the downright silly.
Bernie Sanders “What Matters
Bernie Sanders spoke with NBC's Harry Smith on their recurring series called "What Matters" that focuses on the issues that matter to the average voter in the 2020 election. This interview focused on the opioid crisis that is ravaging large swaths of the United States, especially in manufacturing towns that have been hit hard by globalization and a changing world.
Elizabeth Warren NBC News Interview
Elizabeth Warren spoke with Ali Vitali of NBC News where the two discussed the announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Democrats are opening a formal impeachment investigation into Donald Trump after revelations that he pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for him releasing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid Congress duly authorized. Warren was very critical of Trump's actions and cautioned that impeachment may not be "DOA" in the Senate, as many people believe.
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