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New Hampshire State House in Concord.New Hampshire State House in Concord.By: AlexiusHoratius
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8th Democratic Debate
The 8th Democratic debate co-hosted by ABC and television station WMUR was held at St Anselm College, outside of Manchester, NH. The candidates surprisingly struck a less hostile tone than prior debates and there were even some moments of levity when Bernie Sanders was asked about a criticism by Hillary Clinton about his likability in the Senate, hoping to get some moments of disagreement, but instead Joe Biden talked about his admiration for Sanders and gave him a hug. Not all moments were light though, with multiple candidates questioning Pete Buttigieg about his inability to break through with non-white voters and Biden sharply criticizing Sanders over gun control.
Deval Patrick Town Hall in Laconia, New Hampshire
Deval Patrick hosted a Town Hall in Laconia, New Hampshire days after entering the 2020 Democratic Primary for President. He focused heavily on how he wants to expand economic growth for all Americans and also spent a lot of time discussing the opioid epidemic that is plaguing the entire United States, but is hitting states like New Hampshire especially hard.
Pete Buttigieg Veterans Day Speech in Rochester, New Hampshire
Pete Buttigieg spoke at a Veterans Day event in Rochester, New Hampshire where he paid tribute to those who have served in Americas armed forces and vowing to name a woman to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs if he were elected President. Buttigieg also criticized Donald Trump over how he has failed to stem the growing crisis of military service members committing suicide and turning an apparent blind eye to military women being sexually assaulted in the military.
Joe Biden New Hampshire State House Rally
Joe Biden held a rally outside of the New Hampshire State House after filing candidacy paperwork for the first-in-the-nation primary in early 2020. Biden spoke about his campaign and reiterated to his supporters why he thinks he is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election. Biden was joined on stage with his wife, Jill Biden, and John Lynch, the former Democratic governor of New Hampshire.
Joe Biden Speech Calling For Donald Trump's Impeachment
Joe Biden officially called for President Donald Trump's impeachment for the first time, saying that Trump "is shooting holes in our Constitution and we cannot allow him to get away with it.” Biden, unlike many of his Democratic competitors in the 2020 Primary, had long refused to comment on calling for Trump to be removed from office, but decided that the time has come for Trump to be removed due to the widening Ukraine scandal where he used he pressured that country's President to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for the release of desperately needed military aid.
Elizabeth Warren New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention Speech
Elizabeth Warren delivered a speech at the 2019 New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention where she touched on the major themes of her campaign in front of a welcoming audience. A large number of political commentators agreed that Warren stood out the most of all the candidates who spoke at the convention, garnering the most raucous applause's from the crowd.
Joe Biden New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention Speech
Joe Biden delivered a speech at the 2019 New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention where he spoke in front of the energetic audience and stuck to the usual themes of his campaign, but notably had a Freudian slip when he accidentally referred to Donald Trump as Donald "Hump." Biden quickly corrected himself and laughed off his slip of the tongue.
Pete Buttigieg New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention Speech
Pete Buttigieg delivered a speech at the 2019 New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention where he implored the audience to take a chance with a candidate that isn't "safe," saying “[e]very time we’ve tried to play it safe with established and Washington-tenured figures, every single time we’ve come up short” in a veiled criticism of Joe Biden's candidacy. The crowd largely welcomed Buttigieg's speech, giving him multiple standing ovations as he spoke.