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2018 Women's March in New York City. 6th Avenue between 49th-50th Streets.2018 Women's March in New York City. 6th Avenue between 49th-50th Streets.By: Rhododendrites
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Joe Biden Interview With The View On The Coronavirus Outbreak
The Democratic presidential front runner and former Vice President, Joe Biden, participated in a video interview with hosts of The View talk show. He talked about how he stayed up-to-date on the current events relating to the virus.He stressed his concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak, and explained why misinformation was his biggest concern of all amid the crisis. He also said that the American people could get through the crisis and beat the virus.
Bill de Blasio CNN Interview on Hospital Supply Shortage for Coronavirus Patients
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went on CNN's 'New Day' and told host John Berman that New York City is extremely close to reaching its capacity on hospitals supplies due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Blasio said he fears the 11 public hospitals in New York City are just a week or even days away from running out of needed supplies and equipment and without help people won't be saved who could have been saved. He said they need hundreds of ventilators and hundreds of thousands or millions of masks.
Bill De Blasio Speaks on the Federal Government and Coronavirus
New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio spoke with MSNBC regarding the substantial lack of medical supplies for New York City hospitals and other medical facilities during the outbreak of coronavirus. Mayor De Blasio goes over the lack of masks, ventilators and other necessaties they are lacking, as well as the number of infections and deaths so far in the city. He says that the federal government is not doing enough at the moment and calls for further action to be taken to help the people.
Bill De Blasio Goes Over New York's
New York Mayor Bill De Blasio goes over the current guidelines and restrictions put in place in New York and what may come in the following days or weeks. He also speaks on how people are abiding by the new restrictions and public health orders in the city. De Blasio then details what the new shelter in place guidelines look like currently, and how they will be implimented in the future until the city's coronavirus infections rate declines.
Bernie Sanders The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Interview
Bernie Sanders sat down with Late Show host Stephen Colbert for another interview about his Presidential campaign and where he sees the race weeks before the first caucuses and primaries are held. Sanders was asked what is different about this primary compared to 2016 and he said the biggest difference is his increased focus on global climate change. He was also asked about Trump's burgeoning conflict with Iran and Sanders responded that he would do everything he can to prevent war with Iran.
Nikki Haley Talks With Goldman Sachs Interview With John Waldron
Nikki Haley sat down for an interview with Goldman Sachs executive John Waldron in front of an audience of the company's employees where she discussed the book she recently released, among a number of other issues. Haley spoke openly about her tenure in the Trump Administration while at the same time refusing to openly criticize her former boss over his unorthodox leadership style. She also spent a good portion of the interview discussing her biography and her career from a state congresswoman to United Nations Ambassador.