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Elizabeth Warren All In With Chris Hayes Interview
Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes to discuss her drive to cancel a significant portion of Americans student loan debt. Warren claimed that President Biden has the legal authority to "cancel $50,000 worth of student loan debt basically with the stroke of a pen," and suggested he is already helping out millions of Americans with the billions in accumulated interest the most recent stimulus bill cancelled. Warren also insisted that her proposal would only help average Americans and not the ultra wealthy who don't need any help paying back their loans.
Chuck Schumer All In With Chris Hayes Interview
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes to discuss how he feels his first months as Majority Leader are going and the recently passed stimulus package that Democrats passed without any Republican support. Leader Schumer praised a number of items in the stimulus package, but singled out the provision that provides financial assistance for loved ones of someone who passed away from the virus to hold a funeral, saying that “It’s a good thing amidst this disaster to at least give people the assurance—even if they don’t have their jobs or don’t have money—that a loved one who dies will get a proper burial and a proper funeral."
Kamala Harris CBS This Morning Interview
Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with Gayle King and Anthony Mason on "CBS This Morning" to discuss the surge of unaccompanied youth at the US-Mexico border, the recent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States, and yet another deadly week of mass shootings. The Vice President told the interviewers that both she and President Biden will personally visit the border at "some point" in the future, but insisted that the Administration is focused on tackling the "root causes" of the crisis that push people to flee their home countries in the first place.
Vice President Kamala Harris TODAY Interview
Vice President Harris sat down for her first one-on-one interview since she took office with TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie. The Vice President was asked about the drive to get teachers and children back to schools and she responded that teachers are a "priority" to get the shot, but that the CDC says it is not a requirement for them to get one before schools can reopen. She continued to say teachers "are critical to our children's development, they should be able to teach in a safe place and expand the minds and the opportunities of our children. So teachers should be a priority along with other front-line workers.”
Lee Zeldin 2020 RNC Convention Speech
New York Congressman Lee Zeldin spoke on the third night of the Republican National Convention to advocate for Donald Trump's reelection in November's Presidential election. Rep. Zeldin strongly defended President Trump's response to various national emergencies and criticized Democrats for doing nothing other than attacking Trump day in and out.
Mike Bloomberg 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Former New York City Mayor and businessman Mike Bloomberg spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, imploring the American people to "fire Donald Trump." Mr Bloomberg compared President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden in a number of ways, exposing the vast differences between the two and how leadership in times of crisis is of paramount importance.