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Nikki Haley at a press conference on the South Carolina SNAP program.Nikki Haley at a press conference on the South Carolina SNAP program.

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Nikki Haley
Born 01/20/1972 (Age 51)
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Former United Nations Ambassador (12/31/2018 - Present)
United Nations Ambassador (01/25/2017 - 12/31/2018)
Governor of South Carolina (01/12/2011 - 01/24/2017)
South Carolina State Representative (01/11/2005 - 01/03/2011)
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Nikki Haley 2020 RNC Convention Speech
Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke at the first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention to argue for four more years of President Donald Trump. She spent much of her speech attacking former Vice President Joe Biden and painted a grim picture of what a hypothetical Biden Administration would look like. She then pivoted to praise President Trump and his leadership the past four years.
Nikki Haley Talks With Goldman Sachs Interview With John Waldron
Nikki Haley sat down for an interview with Goldman Sachs executive John Waldron in front of an audience of the company's employees where she discussed the book she recently released, among a number of other issues. Haley spoke openly about her tenure in the Trump Administration while at the same time refusing to openly criticize her former boss over his unorthodox leadership style. She also spent a good portion of the interview discussing her biography and her career from a state congresswoman to United Nations Ambassador.
Nikki Haley Book Tour Interview With Senator Joni Ernst
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley sat down for an interview in front of a studio audience at Georgetown University for an hour long discussion with Iowa Senator Joni Ernst about her recently published book. The largely informal interview covered a wide range of topics from Haley's upbringing to her days in the South Carolina statehouse, governor, and her eventual tenure as the United Nations Ambassador in the Trump Administration. The title of her book is "With All Due Respect."