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Roy Cooper Victory Speech | 2020 Governor Election
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper gives his re-election victory speech in Raleigh, NC for the 2020 race in front of his supporters and the press, with his wife beside him. Cooper defeated Republican opponent Dan Forest. Roy spoke on 'getting on with it' in the upcoming weeks following the election, and needing to work 'harder than ever to understand each other's perspective'.
Roy Cooper on Executive Order to Close North Carolina Schools
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper gave an update on the number of infections in the state and the lack of testing supplies from the federal government. He says they found a way around the lack of testing supplies by going through private industries and are now testing more than ever. Cooper also speaks on signing an executive order that closed all K-12 grade schools throughout the state for in-person instruction until May 15th. He knows this will be difficult for children, teachers and parents, though stresses the importance of the measure to slow the spread of coronavirus.