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Governor Steve Bullock speaking with supporters at a house party in Des Moines, Iowa. Governor Steve Bullock speaking with supporters at a house party in Des Moines, Iowa. By: Gage Skidmore

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Steve Bullock
Born 04/11/1966 (Age 56)
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Steve Bullock History

Governor of Montana (01/07/2013 - Present)
Montana Attorney General (01/05/2009 - 01/07/2013)
College Attended: Claremont McKenna College & Columbia
Degrees Earned: Bachelors Degree General Studies & J.D. (Law) Law
Prior Occupations: State Employee, Lawyer & Professor
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Steve Bullock Post Debate Interview with Morning Joe
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Gov. Steve Bullock, talked about his debate performance following the first night of the second Democratic debate. He told hosts of Morning Joe about what he called "wishlist economics," his campaign, as well as rules on Democratic debates and banning assault style weapons.
2nd Democratic Debate (1/2)
Night one of the second Democratic debate in Detroit featured two popular progressive candidates speaking the most, Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren, engaging in debates with more moderate candidates on topics including health care, immigration reform & college education. Tim Ryan and John Delaney were the most outspoken in support of more moderate positions providing a contrast while Pete Buttigieg with the 3rd most speaking time focused his criticism on Republicans. Steve Bullock made his first appearance and also defended more moderate positions.
Steve Bullock Morning Joe Interview
Montana Governor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock did a remote interview with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss the first Democratic debate that happened the night prior. Bullock was in New York and the Morning Joe crew was stationed in Miami, Florida.