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2020 Montana Senate Debate
Steve Daines and Steve Bullock met for a final debate for the US Senate. This debate was for a Senate seat, representing the state of Montana. The debate was hosted and moderated by C-Span.
Daines and Bullock Debate in Montana
With less than two weeks to go before ballots are mailed out, Sen Steve Dains, and Gov. Steve Bullock faced off in a debate for a senator seat representing the state of Montana.
Steve Bullock Post Debate Interview with Morning Joe
2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Gov. Steve Bullock, talked about his debate performance following the first night of the second Democratic debate. He told hosts of Morning Joe about what he called "wishlist economics," his campaign, as well as rules on Democratic debates and banning assault style weapons.
2nd Democratic Debate (1/2)
Night one of the second Democratic debate in Detroit featured two popular progressive candidates speaking the most, Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren, engaging in debates with more moderate candidates on topics including health care, immigration reform & college education. Tim Ryan and John Delaney were the most outspoken in support of more moderate positions providing a contrast while Pete Buttigieg with the 3rd most speaking time focused his criticism on Republicans. Steve Bullock made his first appearance and also defended more moderate positions.
Steve Bullock Morning Joe Interview
Montana Governor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock did a remote interview with Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss the first Democratic debate that happened the night prior. Bullock was in New York and the Morning Joe crew was stationed in Miami, Florida.
Steve Bullock Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Speech
Montana Governor Steve Bullock spoke at the 2019 Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Bullock discussed his 2020 campaign for president, his record on national issues and what he accomplished as governor of Montana, as well as how he sets himself apart from all the other Democratic nominees.
Steve Bullock Face the Nation Interview
Montana Governor Steve Bullock joined Margaret Brennan on the CBS show 'Face the Nation' to discuss his 2020 campaign to become the Democratic nominee for president. Bullock spoke about his uphill battle to get on a debate stage and how his campaign is fairing against the DNC rules for qualifying for a debate.
Steve Bullock Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch Interview
2020 Democratic presidential candidate and Montana Governor Steve Bullock did a remote interview with Donny Deutsch on MSNBC's 'Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch'. They discussed Bullock's label as a dark horse in the election cycle, how he would take on Donald Trump if he were to win the nomination and how he plans to make the debate stage.
Steve Bullock CBS Evening News Interview
Montana Governor Steve Bullock sat down with Ed O'Keefe of 'CBS Evening News' in Bullock's home state of Montana to discuss his 2020 campaign to become the Democratic nominee for president. Bullock discussed how he is different from Donald Trump on foreign policy and trade, how he would handle national security concerns if elected and divisiveness in the Democratic Party and what can be done about it.
Steve Bullock Presidential Campaign Announcement
Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced his intention to run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020 in a YouTube video where he argued he is uniquely suited to take on President Trump because he is a Democratic Governor in a state that voted for the President by a twenty point margin.