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Texas State Capitol in Austin, TexasTexas State Capitol in Austin, TexasBy: Clairissa
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Dan Crenshaw 2020 RNC Convention Speech
Dan Crenshaw spoke on the third night of the Republican National Convention to advocate for Donald Trump's reelection in November's Presidential election. The Congressman spoke of his time as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan and encouraged the American people to support the military, veterans, and first responders, saying “we must become the heroes that we so admire. America was built by them and our future will be protected by them. It will be protected by you.”
Beto O'Rourke Meet the Press Interview
Beto O'Rourke sat down with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press to discusses his gun reform proposals, insisting that "there is support beyond the Democratic Party" for gun legislation. O'Rourke also discussed how he felt he performed at the most recent Democratic debate and where he thinks the state of the primary race is a few months before the first voters head to the primaries in early 2020.
Elizabeth Warren Post Debate Interview With Tom Llama
Elizabeth Warren sat down with ABC News Correspondent Tom Llamas and a number of other commentators to discuss her performance in the third Democratic Presidential debate and how she feels she separated herself from the other nine candidates sharing the stage with her. Warren said she is grateful for the debates because they are "a terrific opportunity, these debates, for each one of us on that stage to be able to talk with the American people about who we are, and if you give us the chance, where we want to lead this country. All I hope for is that I was as clear as I could be."
Beto O'Rourke Post Debate Interview With Tom Llamas
Beto O'Rourke spoke with ABC News Correspondent Tom Llamas after the third Democratic Presidential debate where he was asked about a notable moment during the debate when O'Rourke said "hell yes" when asked by the moderators if he was willing to "take away" Americans assault weapons. O'Rourke doubled down during his interview, saying that he has spoken with many gun owners who told him they "would willingly give that weapon up" because they "don't need it."
Kamala Harris Post Debate Interview With Tom Llamas
Kamala Harris sat down with ABC News Correspondent Tom Llamas and a number of other commentators to discuss the third Democratic Presidential debate and how she thinks the evening went. Harris was also asked again about her record as California's Attorney General and defended her tenure there, saying she has nothing to apologize for because she became a prosecutor because she has "a very strong and natural desire to want to protect people. In particular our most vulnerable. A large part of my career as a courtroom prosecutor was handling cases that affected crimes against women and children,"
Pete Buttigieg Post Debate Interview With Tom Llamas
Pete Buttigieg sat down with ABC News Correspondent Tom Llamas and a number of other commentators to discuss his performance at the third Democratic Presidential debate. Buttigieg claimed that he's the most electable candidate because he doesn't come from D.C. and represents a new generation of politicians. He admitted that we're a very divided country, but promised that he would do whatever it takes to unify the country if he were elected President in 2020.
3rd Democratic Debate
The third Democratic debate in Houston brought the top ten candidates in the Democratic field onto the same stage for the first time and there was no shortage of lively discussion among the group. The top three candidates - Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders - stuck largely to their typical script, with neither of them delivering any major blows, to the likely relief of Joe Biden. The remaining seven candidates received ample time to deliver their message and answer questions from the moderators, but none appeared to deliver a breakout performance that would shake the top of the field up.
Julian Castro State of the Union Interview
Julian Castro spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" via satellite from his home town of San Antonio, Texas where he discussed his Presidential candidacy and the news of the week. Castro began his appearance by castigating Donald Trump over his handling of peace talks between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan, saying that he doesn't "know what to believe anymore" with regards to Trump's words.