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Tom Cotton
Born 05/13/1977 (Age 44)
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DC Phone Number: 202-224-2353
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Tom Cotton Congress Details

Years in Congress: 01/03/2013 - Present
Committees On: Financial Services & Foreign Affairs

Tom Cotton History

U.S. Senator from Arkansas (01/03/2015 - Present)
U.S. Representative from Arkansas (01/03/2013 - 01/03/2015)
College Attended: Harvard ('02, '99)
Degrees Earned: J.D. (Law) Law (02) & Bachelors Degree Liberal Arts (99)
Prior Occupations: Manager, Lawyer & Army Captain
Previous Tom Cotton Speaking Engagements (EST)
Tom Cotton Videos of Notable Speaking Engagements
Tom Cotton Victory Speech | 2020 Senate Election
Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton delivered his victory speech shortly after handily winning his reelection bid. It was Cotton's first time being reelected to a six-year term. Cotton promised to continue advocating for conservative legislation and Federal judges and made no mention of working to heal the political divide in the United States.
Tom Cotton 2020 RNC Convention Speech
Tom Cotton spoke on the fourth night of the Republican National Convention to advocate for Donald Trump's reelection in November's Presidential election. Cotton spent the majority of his speech attacking former Vice President Joe Biden as pandering to "the Ayatollahs" and "the Communist Party of China." He also warned that a President Joe Biden would "take a knee" instead of "standing for America."