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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers in White House Cabinet Room, 12/13/2018.Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers in White House Cabinet Room, 12/13/2018.By: The White House

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Tony Evers
Born 11/05/1951 (Age 72)
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Tony Evers 2020 DNC Convention Speech
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers kicked off the third night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention by delivering brief remarks welcoming everyone to the occasion and then saying "Holy mackerel, Folks. Let's get to work."
Tony Evers on Wisconsin Coronavirus Affects
Governor Tony Evers sat down with PBS to speak on the coronavirus pandemic and it's affects to the state of Wisconsin. He gives an update on the current infection and deaths in the state, saying that there have now been three deaths from the virurs. He also says that the medical providers, emergency responders and doctors deserve the upmost respect at this time and that they are working 24/7. Governor Evers sends the message to all residents to pull together during this time and to stay at home and practice social distancing to slow the spread of the virus.